Product Spotlight: Kubota SVL Series Compact Track Loaders

The SVL65-2 is READY for the family throw-down!

Three brothers, SVL95-2s (the big one), SVL75-2 (the middle one), and the SVL65-2 (the little one: with enough attitude to keep it interesting when the in-family competition gets heated)!  All three of these Kubota SVL’s also lives up to the family name, and they’re all truly compact and powerful loaders. 

All three will also keep you comfortable and productive, as they’ll get you in and out of just about any work location you can dream of.  With a broad variety of attachments, an SVL can also be your go to utility-player: grapples, hammers, snow blowers, rotary cutters, graders, tillers, tree-pullers and more. The combination of power, maneuverability, versatility, and operator comfort is exceptional.

We’re carrying Kubota’s latest addition to this line, the SVL 65-2.  It’s their lightest and most maneuverable compact track loader yet. Shines in tight spaces, and its lighter weight and smaller footprint mean less soil compaction on the jobsite. It’s also a better fit if you have a smaller trailer. Compact yes, but it’s a versatile, efficient choice with high-flow and no DEF required: just perfect for landscapers, rental yards, and small contractors. 

Both the SVL65-2 and its bigger brothers draw their strength from Kubota 4-cylinder CRT Tier 4 engines — and with an inline design, there are no belts to break or gears to fail. The radiator slides out for easy cleaning, and gives you even better access to filters for air, fuel and oil. All the SVL’s come standard with 2-speed travel, and despite their musclebound looks, they have exceptional ground clearance: 11.7 inches for the SVL75-2; 11.5 inches for the SVL 95-2s; and 9.1 inches for the SVL 65-2. 

When you’re done reading (thank you!) — check out the whole family in this video!

…And here’s the rest of our trusty “by the numbers” comparison:

ModelEngine HorsepowerOperating CapacityBucket BreakoutOperating Weight
SVL 65-268.3 hp2100 lbs4614 lbs8035/8465 lbs
SVL 75-274.3 hp2300 lbs6204 lbs9039 lbs
SVL-952s96.4 hp3200 lbs7961 lbs11,299 lbs

The vertical lift is surprisingly lonnnng for these guys: 34.9 inches (SL65-2), 41.7 inches (SVL75-2), and 40.7 inches (SVL95-2s). The tip of the arm is designed for optimal support at the hinge pins’ full heights, so you can dump all day into taller trucks. The bucket also has a Self-Leveling Function, maintaining a horizontal position without the operator needing to manually adjust the angle during lifting.

Compact on the outside, these machines are spacious and cozy for operators. Nice wide entrances, and once you’re inside, the cab is pressurized to keep dust, debris, and bugs OUT. Another bonus for that tight seal? Noise is kept to a minimum, and along with a full-suspension seat and ergonomic arm rests, the quieter, leg-roomy interior minimizes fatigue. When it gets hot (you know it will) the climate control system provides outstanding cooling and heating performance.

We love demonstrating and test-driving these machines because they are awfully hard to resist once you see them in action. Drop on in for a test-ride at any Martin Implement location.  And we’ll set you up with the right SVL brother for your family fleet! 

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