Product Spotlight: Kubota RTV-X Series Utility Vehicles

Answers the age-old question: can you really have FUN at work?

But maybe wait on “heading out on the highway.”  Sure, the full-size RTV-X line of vehicles can scoot, but they’re made for off road, and on dirt, grass, rocks, trails and other “unimproved” conditions.  Perfect when you have a back 40 to cover and your Caddy Convertible is in the shop.  (Just kidding, sorry.)  And unlike your Caddy, the RTV-X’s can help you get a whole lot of hauling, sweeping, snow-plowing, and spreading done — if you have the appetite for that sort of thing.

The full size Kubota RTV-X series includes these great machines:
RTV-X900  21.6 hp Kubota engine; up to 1664 lb. payload; 10.4’ rear axle clearance
RTV-X1120D 24.8 hp engine; up to 1521 lb. payload; and the same 10.4” rear clearance
RTV-X1100C 24.8 hp engine; up to 1629 lb. payload; 10,4” clearance & climate controlled cab
RTV-X1140 24.8 hp; 2 row seating; 1629 lb. payload, 142” long (others are 122.5”) — it’s the family wagon!

Whether you’re just out for a spin in the fresh air, hauling bales, plowing snow, or spreading seed or salt, these machines will give you a smooth and swift ride, and they’ll ride clear and strong — even when you forgot to cut the grass for a couple years. (10.4” is a LOT of clearance!)  The power-plants on these machines are all Kubota-built and worksite-worthy: 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engines that have a well-earned reputation for dependable performance. Kubota backs it all up too: with a two year / 1,000 hour warranty on the engine and the vehicle. 

Check out our video of the RTV-X’s. These RTV’s are available in your choice of high-vis Kubota Orange, or Realtree AP Camo.  

One of the great things about these machines is how you can make them your own, and how much they love to work. Check out all the accessorizing possibilities here.  We especially recommend these vehicles for snow removal — on the link, check out pages 32 thru 39, and you’ll see great options for snow plows, snow throwers, brooms, salters and seeders.  This is why these machines are such a great choice for municipal fleets, or anyone who needs to move snow/material out of snug / hard to get to spaces. And of course they’re also just perfect on the farm.  Speaking of which…

The RTVX’s all have 1,300 lbs. of towing capacity, and standard front and rear two-inch hitch receivers at the front and back. They can also handle up to 15.2 cubic feet of cargo (more for the 1140), and the  heavy-duty steel cargo box can carry a half-ton of tools, wood, supplies — whatever you can throw at it. Tie down hooks are built-in, and you also have an option for factory coating of the bed. Finally, for all of the machines except the X900, there’s an engine-powered hydraulic dumping cargo box too.

Operators learn to love all of Kubota’s “thoughtfully through” design features: ergonomically designed 60:40 split-bench seats, hydraulic power steering, easy-view digital meters, a dash-mounted parking brake, and a big-ol’ glove box AND under-seat storage compartments. The independent suspension makes the ride smooth and easy. CV joint protectors and heavy-duty skid plates are also there to protect the most critical parts of the engine and transmission…so you can keep on truckin’.

Come on down for a visit, or give us a ring at your nearest Martin Implement location. We’re ready to help you get the right Kubota RTV, and get it all decked out just the way you want it. 

These are super fun, super practical, and super reliable. And that’s not a combination you see every day!

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