Product Spotlight: Hyundai HL965 Wheel Loader (Video)

The Hyundai HL965: to win place AND show!

They say good things come in threes, and that’s certainly true about the key features of the Hyundai HL965 Wheel Loader: excellent performance, incredible convenience, and easy serviceability all combined in one thoroughbred of a vehicle. Whether you work in agriculture, landscaping, forestry, public works, road paving, snow removal, or scrap recycling, you’ll benefit from the way Hyundai has continually refined wheel loader design, and applied all of their learning on this series. Tests show that the new HL900 series offered 5% greater productivity and 10% lower fuel consumption than previous Hyundai wheel loader models.  Over the course of a season or two (or ten) that kind of efficiency really adds up! 

Powered by a 269 hp QSL 9 Cummins Engine, the HL965 weighs in at 45,700 lbs, and has a tipping load of 35,615 lbs.  In a word, this baby is stout. The standard bucket is 4.7 cubic yards, and the dumping clearance is a long-limbed 9′ 8″.  The hydraulic system is pedigreed too: with a variable-displacement piston pump, cranking out 66 gpm, it offers up 3,983 psi. To optimize efficiency, Hyundai wanted to make sure cycle times are swift — and they truly are! The HL965 raises a load in 5.8 sec, dumps in 1.4 sec; and lowers in 3.1 sec.  That’s a 10.3 second total cycle time: so you can “move the merch,” and lots of it, at a very healthy clip.  Bucket breakout force is 38,360 lbs, and the straight tipping load is 35, 615 lbs.  Hey, whatever you have to move, load, or re-move — by all means, bring it on!

The HL965 features an improved bucket design, which has a wider opening, curved side plates, and an enhanced spill guard, to max out capacity and reduce material loss when traveling.

Like all of the Hyundai HL900 series, the HL965 also includes Hyundai’s proprietary onboard weighing system as standard equipment. Accurate to +/- 1 percent, the system has automatic and manual settings for monitoring both individual and cumulative bucket load weights. System measurements are displayed on the multi-function screen in the cab, providing load-weight monitoring reliable enough to support production management.  

Nice! Hyundai Wheel Loaders are a great place to work!

Here are just a few of the features that keep operators happy when they’re helping you realize all that efficiency!

  • Comfortable, heated, air-ride seat, customizable for each operator
  • Big 7” interactive touchscreen monitor is easy-read & visible day or night
  • Loaded audio system with MP3, integrated bluetooth hands-free feature, and a built-in microphone for phone calls & listening to music while in the field
  • A full color, integrated rearview camera keeps operators aware of objects and personnel behind the machine
  • Cab space with low-vibration, reduced noise, and speed limit settings

The HL965 offers some unique benefits for owners as well. The Hi-Mate Remote Management System is a telematics system provided free-of-charge for 5 years, with all new Hyundai wheel loaders. Owners and fleet managers can monitor performance, service, and geo-location data at any time of day. Hyundai’s Eco Gauge allows owners to monitor fuel consumption in real time. The display also includes engine torque and fuel efficiency. Historical and hourly/daily data are viewable in the menu as well.  That’s what ya call oversight!

The HL965 Fully has a fully sealed engine room, designed to prevent the possibility of fire from contamination, but there’s also a tilt-back hood that also allows for easy routine maintenance and cleaning. Centralized access to electric and hydraulic system service points makes maintenance much easier. Even the engine air filters have increased service life. Finally, getting around on the machine is safer and easier, with convenient hand rails, access steps, and ladders with anti-slip treads. 

You can get a taste for everything the HL965 offers in our product spotlight video. If you like what you see, head over to our Hyundai new equipment page for our complete lineup. Give us a call or stop by at any Martin Implement location, and we’ll be happy to give you a demo, a quote, or answer any questions you may have.  This is a serious machine, and we are ready to help…seriously!

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