Product Spotlight: Hyundai HL940 Wheel Loader (Video)

Annnnnd…you put the load…right on me!  The Hyundai HL940 Wheel Loader. 

We’re going to kick this off with a direct quote from Hyundai’s own product literature, a fun little item that caught our eye right off the bat:

Hyundai construction equipment is manufactured with the highest grade of steel due to Hyundai’s dominance in the steel and shipbuilding industries.  Rigid cycle testing, heat testing, vibration testing and shock load testing is conducted in the design and manufacturing process of all new models insuring optimum durability and reliability.

For those of us here at Fully Equipped that sentence says a ton and suggests even more. Actually, several tons: at 29,321 lbs., we get 14.66 tons, on our calculator. And, as you can see from the picture, all that steel has been forged with purpose. At Hyundai, great steel means great mettle — and great versatility as well!

The HL940 is durable, strong, and it’s designed to move a lot of material (think snow!), wherever you need it. It has a full turn tipping load of 19,842 lbs., and a dump clearance topping out at 9.1 feet. But with all that muscle and sinew, the best part of these machines might be the way the cabin is set up for the operator’s comfort and safety, and the fleet operator’s efficiency watch. 

The HL940 will keep amenities operators warm, cozy, and sound-protected. They’ll love the heated air-ride seats, heated mirrors, large touch-screen monitors, tilting/telescoping steering wheels, integrated FNR, and truly spacious cabs to house it all. There’s also an option for Hyundai’s industry-leading four camera surround view system: AAVM (All Around View Monitoring), which provides a state-of-the-art 360-degree view, and dynamic object detection. The AAVM employs four cameras: one each on the left- and right-side mirrors, one on the cab-front, and the standard backup camera mounted to the rear hood. This monitoring system — and your operator! — will see it ALL on the jobsite. So by all means: LET IT SNOW!

Like all new Hyundai wheel loaders, the HL 940 comes with Hyundai’s Hi-Mate Telematics system, free of charge, for 5 years. Fleet managers can remotely monitor performance, service-need, and geo location data for their equipment — even after quittin’ time.

But we’ll try to hit just a few highlights:

  • All Hyundai loaders come standard with an integrated on-board auto weighing system, accurate to within plus or minus 1%. How cool is that?
  • The new HL series have been proven to deliver as much as 5-percent greater productivity and 10-percent lower fuel consumption than previous models. Sock that in the bank!
  • Hyundai’s improved bucket design features an innovative wider opening, curved side plates and enhanced spill guard to maximize capacity and reduce material loss. 
  • All Hyundai loaders come standard with a third spool for auxiliary attachments, like grapple or 4 in 1 bucket, and they can easily be fitted with additional hydraulic piping or a quick coupler. 

Believe it or not there’s more great stuff about these machines we can’t even squeeze into this article!  But we’re always ready to squeeze you in for a test drive of one of these beautiful and versatile Hyundais.  So steel yourself for greatness, and steal an hour or two and come by or call any one of our Martin Implement locations. Heck, bring the kids! …and we’ll have some coffee and let the Hyundai AAVM keep an eye on ’em!

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