Product Spotlight: Hyundai 9a Series Compact Excavators

Yes, you can dig it! Or pulverize it…or grade it…or… 

Hyundai 9A series compact excavators bring outsized power in a smaller overall operating footprint, helping you get wherever you need to be to get the work done quickly and efficiently. All the 9A models feature Tier 4 Final engines that are long on performance and very stingy about fuel consumption. The range of models extends from the R17Z-9A at 3,747 pounds, all the way up to the R80-CR9A at 19,290 pounds. You’ll dig the power, durability and reliability of these category-leading machines, and they’ll boldly go where you haven’t been able to squeeze in before! 

Let’s take a quick look at the specs for the machines we feature at Martin Implement:

Now that you can get where you need to go, you can also do what you need to do: standard features on the 9A series enable you to do a variety of jobs. Large dozer blades, quick-couplers for attachments and powerful auxiliary hydraulics let you take on a variety of jobs. Bust up some pavement, or get the grade where you want it: your Hyundai 9A Compact will have the muscle and give you the wiggle-room you need.

The 9A series give you a choice of zero-tail swing, or a compact radius (short tail swing) with standard counterweight configuration, providing maximum flexibility for matching up jobsite fit and power requirements. The 9A series machines also feature a boomswing function (50° to the right, and a full 75° to the operator’s left) to further improve productivity in confined workspaces. On the R55-9A, R60CR-9A and R80CR-9A models, Hyundai redesigned the hydraulic system for super-fine touch and improved controllability. (How sweet is that?) In this configuration, the arm flow summation system combines flow from both pumps, reducing cavitation and increasing arm speed. 

But if you really wanna squeeze in super-tight, the undercarriage on the R17Z-9A adjusts between 3′ 2″ and 4′ 2″ wide for working in tight spaces, or entering a doorway.  Knock, knock…who’s there? Wow, it’s the R17Z-9A!

On the outside, these machines are concise and compact, no doubt about it.  But inside, the 9A series features remarkably spacious cabs that are big on comfort and visibility. And… what’s that sound?  Ahhh yes…quiet. (Imagine that.) A tilting left-side console eases operator entry and exit, and the adjustable suspension seat is cozy. In fact, space is ample enough so operators will feel less stressed and fatigued. This is really Hyundai design at its best, using space very thoughtfully — a machine like this quickly becomes an operator’s best friend.  

The Hyundai 9A series design-smarts extend beyond versatility and operator comfort to include jobsite safety and enable easy serviceability. Both everyday operations and maintenance are clear and simple as can be. Thoughtful serviceability touches include wide-open engine hoods, centralized grease fittings, and easy-change plastic air cleaners. Naturally, the cabs on the Hyundai 9A series machines are all TOPS, ROPS and FOPS certified. And like all Hyundai construction equipment, the guts of the operation are all trusted, proven components and systems from leading OEMs. …You know, like those great Tier 4 Final engines from Yanmar and Kubota.  That’s the stuff!

We have some great video you can check out to see these machines in action, but there no substitute for meeting these Hyundais “IRL” as the kids say. (We understand that means In Real Life.)  We are at your service, IRL, and happy to serve you at all three Martin Implement locations.  Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to save a doughnut (or two) for you.  Srsly!

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