Product Spotlight: New Holland B95C Loader Backhoe

Agility, versatility, reach, and a great operator experience. The B95C’s got it all! 

With a building boom developing here in Illinois we thought it would be a good idea to feature a powerful and versatile building machine here in the Fully Equipped Product Spotlight.  And the New Holland B95C more than fits the bill. A super-powerful and agile backhoe and material handler, this is a thoroughbred that can quickly become the hardest worker on your team. 

The B95C (and other C Series loader / backhoes) come with clean-running Tier 4 Final certified engines.  The B95C packs 97hp on to its 17,560-lb. frame, which delivers all the strength and torque you’ll need to dig, load, or trench — and you’ll do it all while reducing the impact on the environment. Controlling that power is easy too: the B95C’s “low effort” braking system allows the operator to apply stopping power with a minimum amount of force. You also have a choice of transmission styles: robust Power Shuttle, or New Holland’s advanced Powershift. Power Shuttle is easy to operate, with a right-hand gear shift lever and convenient FNR shuttle lever; Powershift is your choice for maximum operator comfort, as it shifts smoothly up or down through the gears, automatically locating the correct gear for working conditions. 

This great New Holland video puts the new C series machines through all their paces. You’ll see immediately why we like these machines so much. 

The B95C leverages (literally) the curved-boom design of bigger excavators, but with in-line cylinders, effort is reduced, visibility is better, and the general digging performance is enhanced. Dual swing cylinders help operators position the arm over the trench quick and sure. You can use a standard dipper or the “LR” (Long Reach) dipper for extended reach. 

Need more? The HED (hydraulically extendable dipper) system (available with B95C & B110C) gives operators even finer control. All of the C Series loader backhoes incorporate a light-weight straight arm loader to transfer loader bucket forces straight back to the tractor frame. The straight arm loader gives New Holland unmatched lift capacity, bucket rotation, and breakout force. Quick on its feet, this also an incomparably dexterous machine.  New Holland extends the advantages of the versatile design by offering a complete line of attachments, including augers, rakes, grapples, pallet forks, brooms, dozer blades, hammers, and more.  

Versatility: Apparently, the B95C just loves to work.

Comfortable seating, truly impressive operator-visibility, and New Holland’s smart / ergonomic controls layout make sure your operators are really feeling the love. It’s quiet too: 77 db interior when operating at 102db exterior. C series machines also feature an Auto Glide Ride™ option. Previously available only for wheel loaders, this feature makes operation easier by helping to reduce material-spillage, even when operating at increased speeds.  It also allows operators to set their preferred engagement speed. …Nice, eh?

Give us a ring at any Martin Implement location, and we’ll help you get a first-hand look at the B95C.  We’ll also be happy to help you determine if you might like one of the other machines in the C Series even better: like the B95C LR (long reach), B95C TC (tool carrier) or the big brother of the group, the 110-hp B110C.  And Martin Implement also rents New Holland backhoes too!   

Get ready for the building boom with a better boom of your own!  Come on by, and get your digs in!

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