Parts Special: $90 Off Mounting Service When You Buy a Set of Four Tires

Mount up! Now’s the time for new tires!

It’s one those clichés that just happens to be true. Your equipment, your work, your crew: they’re all, quite literally, riding on your tires. Which is why so many fleet owners don’t leave anything to chance, and implement strict tire maintenance and renewal programs. Whether you operate on the clock, or with a trained-eye and well-honed instincts, now might be the perfect time to get new tires and save.  We’re running a special at Martin Implement for $90 off our professional mounting service, whenever you buy a set of four tires. (We thought four was a good round number…and $90 was too!)

At all of our Martin Service locations, we have trained, experienced, and savvy mechanics who will get your old tires off and the new ones on exactly right. They’ll use the right equipment, procedures, and do all the safety checks for your tire’s make, model, and size. They know that long tire life begins at the beginning: the minute your tire gets pulled off the shelf and put on to your wheels and your machine. That’s why our service pros work patiently and carefully, and take pride in doing this crucial job with care, every time.  Your tires will be mounted and ready to roll.  

You can use the extra $90 to make your move on new tires now. We can get you the tires you need for your machine and get you back on the road (and the jobsite) right quick. 

Drop us a line at your nearest Martin Implement location, and get some new shoes on your fleet!

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