New Hyundai Hi Care Adds To Long-Popular Hi Mate Service

Hard to believe it could get better!  But it is easy to see why Hyundai has always been a leader in equipment service innovations.  Their new Hi CARE service augments the already crowd-pleasing Hi MATE remote management application in some very significant ways.

Hyundai Hi CARE is a telematics system providing aftermarket support — a feature-rich platform that enables factory, dealer service teams, and fleet managers to provide remote support to their customers.  And with Hi Mate, they’ve considerably beefed up the information available, and connected service capabilities…

Hi Care begins with all the amazing features of the Hi MATE system

  • GPS-Satellite Technology — real time, up-to-date machine location information
  • Operating History — daily reports on engine hours, remaining fuel, and key on/off time
  • Geo-Fencing — enables you to protect equipment from theft with a virtual fence and a (very) real alarm
  • Fuel Level Monitoring — end downtime with advance notice of refueling needs

Hi Care then adds integrated information from several other sources: such as warranty data, oil analysis program results, and additional engine-function reports (see below).  And it’s all managed by Hyundai at the Hi CARE Center, within their corporate offices — using the Cloud, and bringing together data through Hyundai’s collaboration with Cummins. 

Check out this (cute and cuddly) explainer video to see what the system is all about!

What’s included in the new Hi CARE information?  Plenty.  The incredible Hi CARE Engine-Connected Diagnostics (ECD) reports are chock full… 

They’re excellent tools to help you protect against theft, reduce inefficiencies, and lower fuel costs.  For example, an ECD report can be analyzed with the service technician, a recommended parts list can be viewed, then the service technician can gather all needed parts and tools.  You can save money on travel mileage — and machines are fixed right the first time for a one-stop solution.  Other new features include:

HCE-DT Air (Hyundai Construction Equipment Diagnostics Tool), a fully wireless mechanism, which performs its tests on your machines in the field, using handheld devices such as Android or Apple phones, laptops, or tablets.  Bet you never thought your phone could do THAT!

SOS, as the name implies, SOS gives the operator an easy way to report a mechanical problem while the machine is on the job.  A remote maintenance team can determine and implement the correct solution, saving you valuable time.

Hi DETECT extends the view-monitoring safety system — with added warnings relevant to working in confined spaces, on city streets, or in high-traffic areas.  It even warns of operators of overhead hazards!

Hi ASSIST integrates machine control, to set dig-site parameters for more efficient, accurate digs.

So it’s only fitting that Hyundai steps in with Hi CARE to take remote management to the next level. For you and your fleet, it will definitely make fleet management and maintenance easier — and reduce you’re all-important TCO (total cost of ownership).  You’ll get the scoop on idle time, fuel consumption, and even misuse…should your equipment somehow fall into enemy hands! 

Contact us at Martin Implement for all the details!  Along with Hyundai, we’re ready to put you in charge!

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