New Holland Skid Steer Loader Options & Accessories

New Holland skid steer loaders are not only Bigger, Badder & Better, but they can also be customized to fit almost any application.  The 200-Series machines can be equipped with any number of attachments and accessories, from safety equipment to productivity boosters.  Here are just a few popular additions that can be installed.

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Beacon Light

Skid steer loader beacon light accessory

Add a beacon light to your machine to increase visibility and safety for the operator and those working around the machine.

Four-Corner LED Strobe Light

four corner strobe light kit for skid steer loaders

A strobe light can also increase visibility and safety, much like the beacon light.  The low profile of the light is an added bonus.


Road Light Kit

Skid steer road light kit accessory

A road light kit gives you the lighting you need for road work and to navigate heavy traffic areas.  The kit includes a front light and a rear light with turn signal.



High Beam Light Kit

High beam skid steer light kit

High beam light kits give your front facing lamps a boost. They work great for snow plowing and other work where far visibility is important.


Counterweight Kit

Skid steer loader counterweight kit

Counterweights give your machine the necessary down pressure when working in tough conditions.

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