New Holland FleetForce Telematics

Sorry, these machines are not being “beamed up”…but they are talking, constantly,  to HQ!

With New Holland’s FleetForce™ telematics, you have new super-powers: via their  simple web-based solution, you (or your fleet manager) can be in two places at once! First, you can be there, watching over your machine, from inside the cab…even inside the engine; …at the same time, you can be in your command-post at HQ, changing the channel whenever you want, and “beam yourself down” to any other machine on the fleet.  How great is that??

You can check out this great video from New Holland if you want to enrich your vision of anywhere / anytime, control! 

When you have this kind of control at your fingertips, your business can be more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.  Using remote-monitoring applications, FleetForce™ delivers the details about your equipment. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to…

  • Identify the location and status of every machine on your fleet — even when machines are turned off.
  • Track machine use and discover inefficiencies —identify excessive idling to save money and fuel.
  • Increase security — protect your fleet from theft with geo-fencing, curfew monitoring, and motion-sensing. (That should do it eh?)
  • Lower maintenance costs — automatic alerts and diagnostics improve your scheduling: you can address maintenance issues well before they become more expensive.
  • Job costing is faster and more accurate — use machine hours data and fuel reports to your advantage when estimating. Leverage all that good info!

FleetForce™ telematics have been developed to give you the information you need to run your fleet smoothly, anywhere, anytime. All the real-time data and alerts can be sent to any computer… thanks to New Holland’s partnership with the IRIDIUM global satellite network.

FleetForce™ makes it simple to manage a mixed fleet or fleets of different sizes.  Standout features included with the BASIC subscription:

Fleet Management – Machine Location                Programmed Maintenance

Fleet Management – Hour Reporting                   Use Analysis – Machine Run Time

Security – Geo-Fencing                                            Use Analysis – Travel Time

Security – Curfew Reporting                                   Use Analysis – Machine By Location

The ADVANCED subscription adds even more detailed report features:

Performance Analysis                      Fuel Info and Reporting

Machine Health Parameters                      Fault Codes

There’s also an ON-ROAD subscription that communicates the BASIC level info at a greatly increased frequency. (Every two minutes — subject to available connectivity.)

New Holland FleetForce™ is a telematics remote management system that’s easy to use for powerful control of your fleet operations. For more information about putting FleetForce™ to work for you, contact Martin Implement at any of our locations. We are ready to teleport you to the near future with FLEETFORCE.

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