Must Be The Season of the Wolf: SnowWolf At Martin Implement!

Winter taketh, and giveth, plentifully…IF you’re fully equipped with SnowWolf!

One of the things we love most about SnowWolf is the tireless innovation they bring to their specialty. Their full line of equipment is all designed to do one thing, and do it incredibly well: MOVE SNOW OUTTA THE WAY! And when you’re a member of the pack that gets up wayyy before the light of dawn — so everybody else in town can get where they’re going — you must have equipment that works reliably, and fast. With SnowWolf, you have several great options that help you keep your blade or pusher on the ground, moving the white stuff!  

Another huge benefit of SnowWolf equipment is VERSATILITY. Whether you’re running with a tractor, skid steer, backhoe, or a compact or full-size wheel loader, SnowWolf has the blades, pushers, wings, edges, and tires you’ll need make the job go smooth as a fresh 4″ coat of Aspen powder.  We put together a great little highlight video for you of some of our favorites machine and blade combos, and you can check it out right here! 

Now let’s take a quick overview of the current SnowWolf lineup here at Martin Implement:

SnowWolf QuattroPlow
The SnowWolf QuattroPlow is a state of the art snow-moving solution that lets you shift between different plowing techniques at the flick of a wrist. With Quattro’s Smart Valve, you can shift from angle plowing, to straight plowing, to high-capacity pushing, to back-dragging in just seconds. You can also change to wide angle plowing and extend your reach by 23″ on each end. The QuattroPlow works with skid steers, and compact wheel loaders, and the QauttroPlow TR series is designed specifically for use with small to large tractors, and has sizes ranging from 102″ to 170″ blade width. Moving up in size, the QuattroPlow XT is for medium sized machines ranging from 10 to 15000 pounds, and the QuattroPlow HD is the big brother, suited for work with backhoes and wheel loaders up to 30,000 pounds. 

 SnowWolf UltraPlows 
The UltraPlow is SnowWolf’s flagship blade, and they come in sizes ranging from 6′ up to 11′. With 35-degree hydraulically-controlled angling, you’re able to max out the load, and your fuel- and horsepower-efficiency. The Ultra’s Nitro Hydraulic Cylinders are also 5X more salt-resistant than industry standard chrome cylinders. A full 9” Trip Edge with steel cutting edge and six inches of oscillation, ensures protection from unseen obstacles, and provides streets and parking lots with a smooth, comfortable shave! 

SnowWolf AlphaPlows
The AlphaPlow is SnowWolf’s heaviest blade, with massive construction, and blade widths up to 12 feet — and yes, they can be extended 20″ on each side with Wolf Wings. That’s what ya call COVERAGE. The AlphaPlow’s continuous welded construction weighs in at a burly 185 pounds per foot, and its trip edge is in two sections: that way, whole blade doesn’t need to trip, and full down pressure can be applied. If you have a big machine and a wide runway, the AlphaPlow just might be your dog!

SnowWolf FlexPlows
The FlexPlow is a great fit for machines in the 2,000 to 6,000 lb. class, like compact tractors & smaller to mid-size skid steers. The compact FlexPlow offers BIG plow features to deliver outstanding performance at a great price-point. For example, the FlexPlow’s full-trip design will protect your machine (and operator) if it strikes an obstacle. Coil type springs give the FlexPlow soft trip action. It also has a unique, semi-floating design that enables the operator to apply approximately 250 pounds of downward pressure, without lifting the front wheels of the tractor off the ground. Finally, a steep 35 degree blade angle assures that the snow rolls off the blade effortlessly: which means you push more snow with less horses!

SnowWolf FlexFrame™ 
To get the ULTIMATE surface-hugging performance from your QuattroPlow or UltraPlow, consider swapping out your rigid plow frame for the new SnowWolf FlexFrame.

The FlexFrame™ utilizes a durable rubber torsion joint between the quick-attach mounting plate and the A-Frame. Operators can precisely tilt the mounting plate as needed, while plowing, to adjust the amount of down-pressure on the cutting edge. Two big benefits result: 1) the plow very precisely follows the rise and fall of the surface, and, 2) operators get full traction, because the machine’s tires stay on the ground. The FlexFrame™ is a direct replacement to the standard rigid frame: no extra hardware or modifications are needed. See it in action on this video — it’s one of those “extras” that quickly makes you wonder how you ever did without it!

SnowWolf UltraPushers 
The UltraPusher is a super-tough, affordable attachment that’s great for skid steers and tractors, and it comes with a two-year warranty. The Ultra’s tight and tough moldboard curvature rolls the snow forward, so it takes less horsepower to move the payload. A 1.5″ thick premium-rubber edge protects the machine (and the operator) from major jolts. The Ultra comes standard with a universal skid steer mount, and it’s available in both 8′ and 10′ widths. And if you need to back-drag with your Ultra, ask us about an optional SnowWolf PULL-BACK KIT, so you can move the snow comin’ or goin’!

SnowWolf Alpha Pushers 
Alpha snow pushers are the big movers: built for larger front end loaders, they’re designed to handle heavy snow loads, and they come in 12′, 14′ and 16′ widths. The AlphaPlow blade features continuous welded construction and weighs-in at 185 pounds per foot: they can take what your machine can dish out! The premium rubber edge and high-strength wear shoes increase the life of the pusher, and the bucket-mount supports let you apply critical strength wherever you need it most. 

We have a full line of SnowWolf steel and polymer edges that will keep your blade pushin’ all winter long. (And keep your customers happy too….)

Coming Soon: SnowWolf ActivEdge 
The new ActivEdge (coming soon) offers the benefits of a floating sectional cutting edge, with SnowWolf quality, at a reasonable price. The ActivEdge offers a few industry-firsts: their proprietary composite springs are impervious to water, have exceptional rebound characteristics, and maintain consistent compression strength in temperatures from -40°F to 150°F.  That’s right: they’re ready for Chicago! Check out the ActivEdge in action on this great new video from the folks at SnowWolf. 

SnowWolf WolfWings 
WolfWings are custom side plates that attach to the ends of your Ultra or Alpha snow plow, and increase the amount of snow you can keep moving in front of your machine. They can give you 43% more efficiency than a snow pusher, and 30% more productivity than a standard angle plow. They also add 20″ of width on either side of your plow, so they’re perfect for working on larger, open lots. Take wing — and git ‘er done quick!

SnowWolf FastTach 
FastTach transforms your angle plow into a snow pusher in ohhh…how about less than 5 seconds? The best thing is, you operate it from your cab! So, if you have a wide variety of different properties in your portfolio, or you’d like to broaden your plowing horizons, the FastTach can give you the best of both worlds – an angle plow and a snow pusher – all in one smooth operation.

SnowWolf WolfPaw Snow Tires
WolfPaw snow tires are available for any skid steer loader, regardless of make or model. The narrow tire pinpoints and nearly doubles your down pressure, eliminating the slip and slide routine that can happen with skid steers on snow and ice.  If you plow without snow tires you’ll lose big on productivity, and also wear out your normal tires a lot faster. SnowWolf guarantees you’ll notcie the difference, and you can trust us on this one too: once you out on a set of Paws you’ll never look back!

We have a saying here at the shop: when it comes to the WHITE stuff, you can’t beat the YELLOW stuff from SnowWolf. So if you’re ready to make your mark pushing the powder and slush around this winter (and Fall…and Spring) give us a call at any Martin Implement location. All of our Chicagoland locations carry this equipment, so drop by any time. It’s snowing outside already…so don’t wait!

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