Meet the Martins: Melanie Evans, Rental Coordinator

Melanie Evans with her daughter Paisley

Meet the Martins is a chance for our friends and customers to get to know our company a little better.  It serves as a means of putting a face to our organization. In this segment, we’ll head over to our rental department and meet Melanie Evans.

If you’ve ever visited our South Elgin dealership, chances are Melanie is the first person you encountered. Her infectious demeanor and love of customers is why you’ll find her front and center. A five year tenure as an Administrative Assistant for New Holland Construction eventually lead Melanie to our South Elgin location in 2005. She has a certified insurance license from the State of Illinois and her versatility with contracts and inventory alike keeps her well prepared to efficiently handle customer equipment requests. When you work with Melanie you feel like you’re dealing with a lifelong friend, and who wouldn’t want that level of attention when it comes to what’s best for your business?

What do you enjoy the most about Martin Implement? I enjoy the customers and co-workers that I get to work with every day. Also, I get to drive the big machines! Where else can you do that?

What piece of equipment are customers surprised that we rent? People are probably still surprised to see the FINN hydroseeder and bark blower.

What’s been the most unique job application that you’ve rented equipment for? I’m not sure that these three are unique, but they are pretty cool. A couple of years ago, I had three separate customers rent from me that were remodeling Lincoln Park Zoo. There was another customer who worked at Wrigley Field last summer. Last, and probably the coolest, one of my customers had a TV show on the Discovery channel and I got to see the equipment they were renting from me.

What was your favorite childhood toy and would your daughter share the same fondness for it? I had two favorite toys when I was little; a wooden doll highchair that my cousin gave me and a Fisher-Price pull toy phone with googly eyes. I actually kept both of them and my daughter plays with them as well. She gets just as much joy out of them as I did.

If you were able to be in two places at once, where would you choose to be? Heaven and earth.

Find out how you compare to Melanie on her BuzzFeed quiz of choice: 

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