Meet The Martins: Brian Vaughan, Service Technician

Meet the Martins is a chance for our friends and customers to get to know our company a little better. It serves as a means of putting a face to our organization. In this segment, we’ll head over to our service department and meet Brian Vaughan.

Brian Vaughan

Befitting an earlier career as a carpenter, Brian has a passion for constructing things. That’s why when Brian joined Martin Implement’s South Elgin branch in 2009, he had already mastered the challenges of an equipment service technician due in large part to his analytic mind and nine years turning wrenches at the Payline West dealership. With his experience and know-how, Brian’s able to work on anything that comes through the doors of our shop. In a profession being rapidly shaped by technology, Brian continually remains ahead of the curve and is an admirable mentor to our newest team members.

What do you enjoy the most about Martin Implement? Well, I’m a guy who likes to work with my hands, and I enjoy the challenge of figuring out a problem. If I’m not learning something new, repairing something or building something I’m not happy. So even though somedays are trying at work, I like the satisfaction of making a good repair or coming up with a way to make a repair faster. Sometimes I even have to fabricate something to work that you can’t get parts for anymore. Plus the guys I work with make it all the better.

What’s been your most challenging assignment? Recently I had an excavator which had a hydraulic catastrophe that put metal throughout the system. That repair took a while to find and remove all the metal pieces from the hydraulic system.   

Best customer advice: It might be corny, but read your owner’s manual! Follow the service intervals and GREASE, GREASE, GREASE. That should save you a ton of money.

What activity do you most look forward to in your spare time? I built a CNC Router from scratch and learned a lot about machining and programming. I support that hobby by selling some things I make using it. You can see some things I sell at

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