Meet The Martins: Andy Gustafson, Driver/Shop Assistant

Meet the Martins is a chance for our friends and customers to get to know our company a little better. It serves as a means of putting a face to our organization. In this segment, we’ll head over to our service department and meet Andy Gustafson.

Chances are you’ve seen Andy behind the wheel of our delivery truck since he’s been traversing the roads for us since 1994. In addition to knowing our service area like the back of his hand, Andy’s maintained an exemplary safety record; ensuring that equipment is not only delivered in a timely fashion, but also without incident. When he’s not making deliveries, Andy can be found in our service shop performing equipment maintenance, set-up and basic repairs. Because of his focus and versatility, Andy is a significant contributor to our Martin team, and another reason why the company stays pointed in the right direction, so to speak!

What do you enjoy the most about Martin Implement? Being on the road, meeting customers and seeing what they are building.

What common equipment transport mistakes do you see out on the road? The biggest mistake is seeing chains that are loose or being held down with rope.

Best advice for avoiding traffic congestion? Listen to the traffic report on the radio and if you get caught in it, just go with the flow.

Favorite vacation destination? Our annual trip to Eagle River, Wisconsin or any place camping with my family.

Find out how you compare to Andy on his BuzzFeed quiz of choice: 

Can You Match The Plate To The State?

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