Hyundai Extends Free Use of its Hi-Mate Remote Management System to 5 years!

Considering Hyundai equipment? Hyundai provides free use of its Hi-Mate remote management system with the purchase or lease of any new Hyundai HL900 series wheel loader or HX series excavator. And they’ve just extended the period during which owners of Hyundai wheel loaders and full-sized excavators can use its Hi-Mate system free, from three years to five years. Yes!

Hi-Mate uses GPS technology to track Hyundai construction machines anytime, anywhere. The system monitors key components such as the engine, hydraulics, and electrical system. One of the many ways Hi-Mate saves time and money is by promoting greater preventive maintenance to reduce equipment downtime.

The new extension of free Hi-Mate use applies to the brand new mobile app as well as the traditional version of Hi-Mate that runs as a browser-based application on a desktop, laptop or tablet. For more information on the Hi-Mate system or Hyundai equipment feel free to contact us. Meanwhile you can see the Hi-Mate system in action here.

*Extended Hi-Mate coverage applies retroactively to any qualifying Hyundai machine purchased since January 1, 2017
*Free use of Hyundai Hi-Mate is available on the standard cellular configuration. Coverage extension applies to all cellular-based Hi-Mate systems.
* See us for details

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