Have You Heard About The Kubota Turf Fleet Program?

Kubota designed their fleet program around a lawn-care professional’s needs. As a commercial landscaper with any size business, when you purchase qualifying Kubota turf equipment, you’re eligible for a fleet discount. When you purchase more equipment, you receive a bigger discount and a longer period of time to buy additional units at the fleet price.

If you purchase one or two units, you have one year of additional unit purchase time to buy more equipment at the fleet price. Purchase seven or more units, considered elite status; you’ll have three years of additional unit purchase time to buy more turf equipment at the fleet price. The customer discount per unit varies model and is listed here.
NALP or NHLA member? NALP and NHLA members qualify for the highest level of discount per unit. Purchasing Kubota turf equipment is rewarding don’t you think?

*Kubota Fleet Rewards will only be given to for-profit commercial mowing professionals. See us for qualifying details.

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