The Essential Compact Utility Loader Maintenance Guide

You know what they say: Happy Compact Utility Loader…happy life!

This is the first entry in a new Fully Equipped Series, where we’ll review and share (details) on maintenance recommendations for specific types of machines. User Manuals sometimes get filed away where they’re tough to retrieve, but you know as well as we do, that maintenance on these big machines is much more than just changing the oil every 100 hours of use.  So we thought it might be helpful to do a series on these machines and, over time, build up a handy archive here on the pages of Fully Equipped. There’s even a full video on this one (below), and a full checklist you can download at your leisure.

Many of these checks are routine and easy to do yourself, but some require a little more elbow grease (and real grease) to git ’em all the way done. We perform most of these services in the shop or in the field, so you can also scribble down our number and give us a ring if you ever need a hand (or two).  Staying on top of your maintenance schedule will help you avoid costly breakdowns in the field (the maintenance works is cheap in comparison)!  And if that weren’t enough — it also really helps the resale value of your machine, especially when you have the records to prove it!

If you are going to tackle the maintenance on your own, you’ll want to dust off (or download at the manufacturer’s site) the operator’s manual for your machine. Where our checklist will provide the recommended steps for you to take — say, “checking and adjusting the track tension” — it’s the manual that will actually give you the step by step for doing it!. (This is why it’s also a great resource to check if you’re deciding whether or not you want to tackle the job on your own!)

Compact utility loaders need a little love and attention when they first roll off the lot and take their first swings at the job site.  After the first 8 hours, Toro (and most other manufacturers) recommend that you replace the hydraulic filter. After the first 50 hours of operation, you will want check and adjust track tension, and change the engine oil and filter. After the “first 50,” the recommendation is to change the oil and filter every 100 hours, and the filter every 200. 

Either daily, or prior to each use, there’s a short checklist of things to…well…check,and some things to do —here they are:

  • Check the engine oil level
  • Check the cooling system
  • Grease the machine (immediately after every washing)
  • Check the air filter service indicator
  • Drain water etc. from the fuel filter
  • Clean the tracks and check them for excessive wear
  • Clean the radiator
  • Remove debris from the traction unit and side screens
  • Check for loose fasteners

…A good list and no doubt about it, some work to do every day to keep your machine humming. We suggest you bring a cup of coffee along for best results. Most days, you may even have some left before you’re done!  

WANT THE FULL MONTY?  But as you might guess, there are more steps at 25, 50, 100, 200 hours and beyond.  Hoses, belts, filters…oh my…lots to keep you (or us) busy. Check out the video again for this compact utility loader maintenance guide, and don’t forget to download the full guide here.  Call us with any questions or if you want to schedule maintenance on any of your machines. We know all the steps…and now you do too!

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