Are you on the Front End of Leaf Collection? (Video)

Our surrounding municipal areas have various programs for leaf collection. These programs start right about now and end around Thanksgiving. If you’re on the front end of leaf collection participating in a community program or working your own lawn, you’re likely moving heaps of leaves. Want to get rid of your leaves before these programs stop? We’ve got some equipment in our shop that will help you do it faster. You want to save time and stress on your back, right? See how one of our equipment experts saves time on his weekend work:

A leaf blower will speed the time it takes to clean up your yard. A handheld leaf blower can help in smaller areas or for infrequent use as they’re typically light weight and low noise. A backpack blower is popular for larger areas or for more frequent use. With higher performance, the backpack blower completes jobs faster. A shredder vac is two tools in one – a blower and a vacuum/shredder, depending on the attachment/mode used. The shredder cuts while it turns debris into mulch. We offer STIHL and ECHO handheld and backpack blowers.

It’s worth pointing out the Billy Goat walk-behind blower and leaf and litter vacuum. The blower has more commercial type cleanup features; we’re taking 3+ times the power of a typical backpack blower. If you are a large property owner or work medium size maintenance contractor jobs, it could be the tool for the job. We also carry their 27” wide walk-behind leaf and litter vacuum, which gobbles up leaves and debris.

With all the leaves dropping, you better get on it. The above tools will help you get your weekend or weekday jobs done quicker. And save your back.

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