Labor-saving All Stars: Fecon Forestry Mulchers

In this new series on Fully Equipped, we dive a little deeper into the benefits of some of our favorite labor-saving machines. 


MULCHING MAKES IT BETTER Here’s the thing: the FECON BULL HOG mulchers can cut brush, stumps and trees up to 8 inches in diameter (cutting them down to ground level).  Trees and brush truly get mulched –which means you eliminate the need to do a lot of follow-up work. Chain saws, chippers, and the people required to run them…all disappear from your job-costs, just like the BULL HOG erasing a gnarly stand of trees and tangled brushes.

RIGHT MODEL FOR THE JOB Fecon and Martin Implement offer BULL HOG models that can work beautifully when hooked up to a compact track loader (with high-flow hydraulics). We also carry their FMX BULL HOGS, which are designed to use when you have to have the greater reach of an excavator. Attaching these mulchers to tracked machines allow you to maneuver in more variable terrain than you can access with a PTO / 3 Point setup on a tractor.  Check out the FMX50 in action on this video — you don’t want to try this with a tractor! 

STAY SAFE Of course, to ensure protection from falling debris and projectiles, you’ll always want an enclosed operator compartment with reinforced safety glass. After all, the BULL HOG is a hungry beast, and it doesn’t use a napkin! 

KEEP ON PUSHIN’ Our picture above shows the optional push bar, which mounts on the body above the grinding teeth of the mulcher.  In this video, you can see the push bar being used to push-back & control larger trees, enabling you to get limbs and groups of branches where you want them for the “final grind.” Note that this video also shows the BULL HOG in action with a high-flow, KUBOTA SVL-95 compact track loader. (What a great way to get even more out of your high flow machine!)

YEAR ROUND VERSATILITY If you have a stand of brush to clear, at a park, preserve, pipeline, roadside, campground, riding or jogging trail — you can do this work at any time. But some of our most experienced FECON fanatics have a tip for you: Consider doing the job now, before the leaves come back.  Rest assured, none of the FECON BULL HOGS have any trouble chewing up some leaves — but operators tell us that the “bare branch” version of mulching is easier, due to much better visibility. We suspect that it also makes it easier to see the BULL HOG in action, which is one of those cases where a great machine makes work into something almost indistinguishable from FUN. 

KEEP IT CLEAN!  As noted earlier, these BULL HOG machines are all business, and the labor- saving value of mulching comes with a couple caveats in terms of safety: First, you want to make sure you give these machines plenty of space to operate. Exit velocities are pretty high, and you want to keep onlookers at least 300 feet away from these machines.  Second, you’ll also want to make sure you thoroughly clean your compact track loader or excavator after every use.  Fresh wood mulch is like sand from a beach, or mud from a worksite: it gets everywhere, so take the time to clean it off of your machine, and you’ll run safer, and longer. 

CALL US: If you have any questions about these great labor saving FECON FORESTRY MULCHERS, we are here to help.  Now is the ideal time to get out there and clear a little path to bigger profits! 

Until next time on LABOR SAVING ALL STARS…take it easy out there! 

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