Labor Saving All-Stars: FINN Bark Blowers

Blown Away: The Finn BB-5 Series Bark & Mulch Blower!

Even All Star teams have stars. And the Finn Bark and Mulch Blowers may just be the MVP in our labor saving devices line-up.  The Finn BB-5 and its sidekick, the BB-302, are both total-game-changers when it comes to getting mulch, bark, and compost in place. With these Finn sluggers in your lineup, a tedious job of load / move / unload / tamp / rake & level turns into something a lot more like spray painting a surface.  

The main difference between these machines is power and capacity.  The BB-5 has a hopper than can hold a full 5 cubic yards of mulch, and the 302 holds 1.5. The BB-5 has a 65 HP engine, and the 302 has 35.1 hp — but either machine will outperform a fleet of wheelbarrows (and a platoon of workers) with ease.  The smaller 302 can help you cover surfaces with point-perfect accuracy at up to 10 cubic yards per hour!  Folks, that’s Paul Bunyan level bark blowage!

These are perfect for residential and commercial landscape bed maintenance, playground safety surfaces, indoor courtyards, gardens — any application that requires precise placement of bulk materials. Specialized applications like over-seeding, soil blends, and composting are also, shall we say…”in the hopper.”   These machines are just the ticket for erosion control work too: especially filling and installing sediment control filter socks. Because the materials are precisely delivered, mulch, bark, soil blends and compost can be applied even in wet conditions, and for the same reason, these machines are incredibly effective when you need to get material into hard-to-reach spots. (No more parking the wheelbarrow on top of the slope and hand-walking shovelfuls down a slope. THANK GOODNESS!) 

To fully leverage the labor-saving power of these machines, they both come equipped with a remote-control capability that allows users to control the material flow and blowing power of the hose.  In this quick & informal demo video, you can see how the hose can be handled solo, or by a two to three-man team: a good idea if the terrain, material, and target placement area require it.

We also have a video that provides a much more in-depth look at the BB-302 model, and gives you a good appreciation for the safety features and intelligence of the machine’s design.  

It’s as if the folks at Finn knew they were creating a Labor Saving All Star, and did everything they could to make that vision come true. We think they did!

These are super-capable machines and we just love the range of jobs they can help you do and the significant labor-savings you can realize with them. If you have any questions on these blowers, or any FINN products, contact us at any one of our three locations. We rent and sell FINN equipment, and we firmly believe these machines can turn your team into an MVP for your customers.

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