Labor Saving All Star: Toro MB TX 2500 Tracked Mud Buggy

Got Material?? Not an Issue! The Mudbuggy’s front has your back!

Designed expressly to make concrete work go much faster, the Toro Tracked Mud Buggy is an incredible tool efficiency for any job-site that requires heavy material to get moved from point A to point B. And what’s more, it can get the work done with minimal wear and tear on the site itself. Concrete, gravel, stone, sod, and mud — any ol’ way you like it, the TORO TX 2500 Tracked Mud Buggy can be your center-fielder. With a 2,500 lb carrying capacity, top speed of 6 mph, and Endless Kevlar®  tracks creeping soft and sure, this is the machine that lets you finally leave all those crusty-old wheelbarrows behind for good.  

The machine controls are easy to learn — and effortless to reach and operate from the ride-on platform.  That platform is generously sized and suspended for greater operator comfort with less fatigue.  When the work’s all done (EARLY!) ….the platform folds right up to make more space on your trailer.

The Auto-Return Dump feature also adds to the ease: the tub automatically returns to the resting position… so you can focus on getting the next load of wet stuff.  The dump switch is linked to the traction movement and is located right next to the operator’s thumb, for quick access.

The controls allow smooth and responsive operation, and combined with the machine’s compact footprint, its responsive maneuverability can get you where you need to be, even in very tightly confined areas.

Check out this video from Toro, showing the Mud Buggy making quick work of a typical residential driveway job!

The 25 hp Kohler Confidante engine has plenty of power.  And those Kevlar tracks are reinforced to ensure maximum strength and enduring performance. With a large 8 gallon fuel tank, and that burly 2500 lb. carrying capacity — you have a machine that can finish the job without the need for pit-stops.

The “enlightened” design of the engine compartment means routine maintenance can be done efficiently when needed: the belt, hydros, and battery are all very easy to access.  There are notably fewer hoses and fitting compared to similar machines, which means less service time and lower total cost. 

Great efficiency on the work site, gentle footprint. faster cleanup, accuracy of loading, and dumping / delivery, speed, capacity, ease of use…AND it’s kinda cute. No wonder these machines have started to fly off our lots.  Come by any one of our Martin Implement locations, and give the TORO MB TX 2500 a test drive / load / and dump today!  We’ll save some mud for you!

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