Product Spotlight: The New Toro Dingo TXL 2000


Dingo TXL 2000 with Telescoping arms. As Hawk Harrelson would say: S-T-R-E-T-C-H!  

The Toro Dingo line is an all-time favorite here at Martin Implement.  This is a machine that’s so easy to use, and at the same time, so powerful and versatile, it’s hard to imagine what life was like before these doggies showed up in our lives. And now there’s a new leader of the pack, the DINGO TXL 2000.

S – T – R – E – T – C – H – !
There are two versions of the radial lift TXL 2000: the version pictured, with Telescoping Arms, has an incredible reach of just over 10 feet. (A 123.4″ hinge-pin height, to be exact). That means you can easily clear the side of a standard dump truck, or backfill behind a retaining wall. With a full 44” of telescoped reach, you can also completely unload a flat-bed truck from one side. The Non-Telescoping version is no slouch either: with a hinge-pin height of 98.6″and a dump height of 64.1″.  Either way, you…can…put it on the board: the new TXL 2000 takes the stand-up skid-steer category to new levels of productivity and versatility.

With a rated operating capacity over 2,000-lbs, you can lift more than any compact utility loader on the market. Bring on the big rocks, the full skids, the biggest trees: this machine has lifting power comparable to larger compact track and skid steer loaders.

With all that added power and reach, this is still the DINGO you’ve come to know and love. Jump on, jump off…the working platform has that great suspension, so the ride is smooth, even over rough terrain. Want to see what’s behind you? Your neck is all you need to get a 360° view. And this is still an incredibly nimble machine: even with its eye-opening length, the TXL 2000 is going to get you in and out of places where bulkier machines fear to tread.  

The TORO exclusive traction control is easy to operate — it has the same intuitive controls as its younger brothers. There’s no special equipment licensing required, because the TXL2000 is super-easy to learn and master: the loader arm joystick controls the telescoping function; offers proportional auxiliary control; and directional left/right control. And with an incredibly wide-array of Toro TXL 2000 attachments, only you know what you’ll get up to at your shop — but we’ve seen these machines do just about everything.

The TXL 2000 is powered by a 49.6 hp Kubota D1803, Tier 4 Final with DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst). TORO Smart Power technology automatically adjusts traction speed to maximize engine, auxiliary, and traction torque for optimal efficiency — and everything is selectable through the info center / controls. Finally, proportional auxiliary control enables you to run attachments at their required speeds.  What’s not to love?

If demand for previous DINGO models is any indication, we’re confident that the TXL 2000’s won’t be spending a lot of time on our lot. If you’re wondering if this is the next machine for you, check out this great TXL 2000 Video from TORO. For more background on this new DINGO, you can also check out the spec sheet, on our site.

If this DINGO is a BINGO for you, don’t wait to get in touch with us here at Martin.  We’ll be expecting your call!

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