Just In: The Toro STX-38 Stump Grinder

The new STX-38 next to the STX-26 – notice any differences?

We just got a brand new Toro STX-38 stump grinder last week.  We first saw this machine at the Rental ARA show in 2012 and couldn’t wait to get one and take a closer look.  Now just in time for the spring and summer seasons, we get our first crack at it.

Put the STX-38 next to the STX-26 and you’ll immediately notice a few things.  First off, the new machine is BIGGER.  At 34 inches wide it still fits through a three-foot gate, but the STX-38 packs a 980cc Kohler engine and has a cutter wheel diameter of 22.25 inches (compared to a 19 inch wheel on the STX-26).  It’s bigger and more powerful, but still compact and light on turf.

The STX-38 has a 22.25″ cutter wheel equipped with Greenteeth cutting teeth

Once you get past the size difference you’ll start to notice some finer features, such as the improved track design that’s better for going over curbs and other objects.  Another feature you won’t see, but you’ll definitely notice when running the machine, is the Inteli-Sweep cutter head.  This technology automatically slows the cutter head sweep in relation to work load to help prevent engine bogging.  Now when you tackle a dense stump you have less stress on your machine.  It’s just another feature that makes Toro equipment so easy to operate.

There’s a lot of great features on the STX-38 so if you like what you’ve read, maybe you should see it in person!  We’ve got a few of these units in inventory and we’re already scheduling demos so come in and get your turn behind the wheel.

Find the store nearest to you and call for a demo.

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