Just In: The New Kubota RTV X-Series Utility Vehicle

Kubota RTVX1100C X-Series Utility Vehicle

The X-Series. Wouldn’t this be fun to own?

We’ve got our hands on our first Kubota RTV X-Series utility vehicle and so far it’s getting a lot of attention in our showroom. We’re getting a lot of people are doing double takes when they see the new redesign so we thought we’d give you a closer look.

The first thing that’s going to catch your eye is the redesigned hood.  The beefed up look has new headlamps and a longer nose with a larger grille.  Underneath the hood you’ve got a 24.8 hp engine with a small but significant improvement on the old design: the air cleaner has been moved to the front of the engine compartment, allowing for easier access and reducing clogging.

The next thing folks have been noticing is the cargo bed, which is shorter in length, but also wider so the reduction in volume isn’t significant.  The new bed is still rated to carry 1,102 lbs of cargo – the same as the previous RTV line – and also features four tie-down hooks to help secure your load.

Kubota RTVX1100C Interior Cab

The inside of the cab has new placement of the parking brake and a digital multi-meter among many changes

Moving into to the cab you’ll notice improved heating and cooling, roll-down windows and a high-tech dash display.  The large roll down windows make a big difference for the operator, giving them fresh air and greater ability to communicate with workers outside the cab.  The digital multi-meter gives the operator detailed info about hours, engine temperature, miles traveled and more, which will help you better monitor your machine.  The cab also has a new split seat with storage boxes beneath each cushion.

So far we like what we’ve seen from the new RTV X-Series, but we’d like to know what you think too so give us a call, leave a comment, or stop by our Orland Park store and see it for yourself!

View Kubota’s press kit on the new X-Series utility vehicles

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