Just In: The Kubota Kommander Riding Mower

Kubota is throwing their hat into the homeowner ring with the new ZG100 Series mower © Kubotalink

Kubota’s newest mower might come as a surprise to some.  The company, a fixture in commercial-grade mowers, just introduced the Kommander mower, an entry-level riding mower that’s built like a professional mower, but priced for the homeowner.  We just got a few in and we’re excited to show them off.

Right away you’ll notice a few features on the mower, like the 22 inch low-profile tires and the LED deck lights.  These two features might seem a little flashy at first, but they’re more than just for show.  The tires are designed to give a smoother ride because they have less sidewall than other models and the wide tread helps minimize turf damage.  The LED lights, which come standard on the “S” models (there are 4 different models, two economy ones and two full-featured ones) are a safety feature, and while you might not be doing any night-time mowing, you’re probably doing some after-work mowing, and those lights can be a literal life-saver in the dusk hour.  Safety first!

There are a bunch of other features that any operator will appreciate, like a high back seat, storage containers and a simple control layout.  There’s also the easy-to-use foot pedal deck lift that’s controlled with a dial as opposed to a tiny pin.  That saves you time and the strain of bending over to jam that pin in the right slot.

We could go on about this mower, but we think you’re starting to get the idea.  If you want an even closer look at the ZG100-Series mowers come by and try one out!  We’d love to let you get in the operator’s seat and hear your thoughts.

The Kommander mowers come in 4 different models and are equipped with 48 or 54 inch mower decks: the ZG124E, ZG127E, ZG123S and ZG127S

© Kubotalink

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