Just In: The ECHO CS590 Timber Wolf Chain Saw

The CS590 Timber Wolf: ECHO’s newest addition

It’s brand new on our shelf as of yesterday, and here’s a peek at it.  The CS590 Timber Wolf chain saw from ECHO hits the sweet spot for professional contractors.  What they’ve tried to do is make a saw that’s tough, easy to use and affordable, and we think they hit the mark.

The CS590 is built tough enough for any contractor

The Timber Wolf is built with a 59.8cc engine with a magnesium engine frame and a large area, two-piece air filter system that’s easy to get to for maintenance.  The engine is also equipped with a decompression valve for easy starting, because one pull should be all it takes.

The CS590 can be equipped with 18 and 20 inch bars, both of which run 3/8 inch chain.  This saw is designed to handle a days work with even the toughest contractors and at just $449 for the 18 inch, it’s a great deal.  There’s a reason ECHO is the official saw of the Professional Bull Riders, and it’s because they can take a beating and still go strong.  For more info or to check out the saw, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you out!

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