Just In: Rammer Concrete Breakers

Rammer concrete breakers fresh off the loading dock!

Our spring shipment of Rammer concrete breakers is fresh off the loading dock and this year we’ve got a few new models to try out.  Rammer has been making hammers for years so when they come out with something new it’s always worth taking a look at.

The BR-Series breakers are a new addition to Rammer’s small range line, which fit skid steer loaders, backhoes and mini-excavators, and work really well for most demolition and road work.  The BR555 comes with a 500 foot-pound energy class rating and the larger BR777 weighs in at 750 foot pounds.  There are a ton of key features on these units like the Constant Blow Energy (CBE) system, which increases productivity, and a vibration dampener that helps reduce impact on the machine and the operator.  Less vibration means less damage to the breaker which means less cost to the owner.  There are a few more small things that an owner can also appreciate like a simplified design that has fewer parts, which also keeps repair costs down.

The AR70 economy hammer is a smart buy for those on a tight budget

In addition to the BR-Series, we’ve also got an economy model, the AR70, which at a low price entry point is an attractive buy for a lot of contractors.  It’s got fewer features than some of the other breakers, but still gets the job done.  Plus it’s a Rammer, so “economy” doesn’t mean “poor quality”.

If you’d like to know more about our concrete breaker selection give us a call at any of our three Chicagoland locations.  We also rent breakers so check out our rental rates on our website.

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