Just In: Kubota Z700 Series Riding Mowers

Kubota Z700 Series Riding Mower

Say hello to the new 700 Series from Kubota © Kubota Tractor Corporation

We just got in a couple of brand new Z700 mowers from Kubota and we’re excited to get them out in the field this season. They’re brand new to the market and have a whole slew of new features all designed to maximize the operator experience. They still have all the hallmarks of Kubota mowers: smooth and stable operation, quality-built mower decks, easy maintenance – but they’ve expanded the amenities to include things like a deck height adjustment dial, wider operator platform, tool box and an easy-to-read, ergonomic instrument panel. It’s a commercial mower that can handle a hard days work without going hard on your operator.

If that seems like all flash then think again. The 700s are American built with quality parts and have great maintenance access for servicing points like the commercial grade engine, the battery and the quick-detach mower deck. Speaking of the deck, the 700s come with 48, 54 and 60 inch ones, depending on the model you choose.

Your mower is your money maker so choose wisely. First and foremost pick the mower that’s right for the job. Once you get that nailed down you can explore the finer points – and the Z700s have a lot to like. To see these mowers in person give us a call at any of our locations and we’ll be glad to put you in the operator’s seat.

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