Just In: Kubota KX018 Mini-Excavator

The KX018 Mini-Excavator: New from Kubota

Just in time for our Kubota Dealer Days open house, we’ve got a brand new Kubota KX018 mini-excavator to show off.  This machine is one of Kubota’s newest additions to their fleet and for fans of the KX41, this will be a new take on a familiar machine.

The operator’s platform has increased leg room and a new digital control panel (right)

Sitting in the operator’s seat you immediately notice a few differences between KX41 and its replacement.  The KX018 has a more spacious operator’s platform and a new digital control panel.  We had a customer come in and try the newest model and he immediately commented on the extra room, so we know that’s going to be popular.  The new control panel is meant to give clear feedback to the operator about not only hours and fuel, but overheating, hydraulic problems or low battery issues.  We’ve tried out the base model, which is equipped with a 4-post ROPS canopy, but you can also get it with a heated cab.

The specs on the two machines are similar, with the KX018 packing a little more power when it comes to breakout force.  The dimensions are close as well, and overall width remains the same so you’ll still be able to take this machine on tight jobs like backyard installations (it’s only 3′ 3″ wide when the variable-width tracks are at their narrowest).

Come see the KX018 up close at our Kubota open house

We’ve had a lot of success with the KX41 over the years and they’ve been a really popular rental item.  The KX018 looks like it’s going to be a great addition to the Kubota line.  If you want to get a closer look at it come on by our Orland Park store!  We’re hosting a Kubota open house on May 10th and 11th come check it out!

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