Innovative New Products From FINN: Prepare To Be Blown Away!


The MBX truck mounted material blower

We were lucky enough to get a hands-on view of some great new machines from FINN, so we wanted to take a moment to tell you all about them and give you some links and sources for even more information. Martin Implement is ready to take your order for any of these machines! FINN has been the quality leader in the material blowing and seeding space for some time, so when they come out with designs that offer innovative new features, it’s big news. Let’s break it down for you…


The new truck mounted MBH6 sets a new standard for material blowing quality.

Pictured above is the MBH6, with a 6 cubic-foot hopper, it’s an ideal medium-sized material blower, perfect for erosion control, landscaping projects, post-construction work, highways, parks, and golf courses.  With an MBH6, just two workers can apply 15 cubic yards of mulch per hour (varying some with conditions and material). 

You can put those rakes down — because the MBH6 is for closers!  FINN estimates you can save as much as 25% in material as well, because your layers will be smooth and even. If you’re familiar with the FINN BB5, the MBH6 is a new and improved version, with a new engine, bigger hopper, design upgrades, and better access to service points. This video walk-around will give you a great overview of the new machine.

The MBX series (MBX10, MBX16, and big daddy MBX22) are larger, truck mounted units. They replace their forerunners: the BB1208, BB1216, BB1222. The MBX10 has a 10 cubic yard capacity, and the 16 and 22 have 16 and 22 cubic yards of material respectively.  They also have a new engine, improved hopper design, more powerful blower, and improved access for maintenance. These machines enable those same two operators to lay down 22 cubic yards of material per hour.  Perfect for bigger jobs, major slopes, amusement parks, and other commercial sites. They’re also precise enough to use on smaller sites when the need arises. The radio remotes for both systems are state of the art for ruggedness…and of course for labor saving ingenuity.  

Check out the specs for these new Material Blowers on our FINN new product page.


Is your old machine pushing too hard? …Get the good goop where you want it with the new Titan 330 hydroseeder!

The Titan 330/400 Tier IV Final Hydroseeder features high power agitators for grinding and mixing tough/heavy slurries: any material — from the heaviest BFM’s, and FGM’s — including plaster-based additives and lime.  It has an optimized agitator paddle layout for increased material circulation in the tank, and it reduces the potential for air entrainment in the slurry. A 6-inch suction line makes for much faster unloading, and it’s ideal for revegetation over large areas.  

Go ahead and aim high, because The Titan can achieve spraying distances of over 300 feet from the boom! (That’s on the warning track!) You also have a dual-boom option for spraying on both sides of the unit, which is an ideal set up in hard-to reach areas. Combine that capability with a 3,350/3975-gallon liquid tank capacity, and you have a recipe for BIG jobs, done with utmost efficiency.  FINN believes the Titan offers the “best performance, best productivity and ultimate convenience of any unit on the market.”  And we’re inclined to agree!

Check out the full scoop on the FINN Titan 330/400 product page.  

These new machines are going to be in high demand, so if you’ve been looking to upgrade your landscape / mulching / seeding / erosion control game, by all means, stop in and see us at any Martin Implement location.  We’re ready to talk FINN and get you set up with the right machine and right options for you. It’s always exciting to see a truly great manufacturer up their game, and these new machines are going to set the bar for some time to come!

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