Increase Productivity with Wolf Wings from Snow Wolf

Snow Wolf has called their snow blades “the most adaptable plows on the planet”.  That sounds nice, but what exactly does that mean, and does it translate to a better, more productive snow plow?  To answer those questions, look no further than their Wolf Wings.

The wings attach to the blade with a simple pin.

Wolf Wings are steel attachments that you can pin to the end of your plow to increase the amount of snow you can carry in front of the blade.  The simple pin-on style takes less than a minute to get the wings on or off.

Once the wings are on and your skid steer or wheel loader is fired up, watch how much more snow you can push with each pass.  We’re talking about pushing THREE TIMES as much snow into your pile.  The angle of the wings lets you take a full-blade pass without leaving that frustrating trail of snow behind.

Wolf Wings are available with spring trip edges

Wolf Wings come in two different styles – one with a fixed urethane cutting edge, and another with a poly soft touch edge with a spring trip.  The trip function is more money, but those who get it usually love it.  It gives them peace of mind that their blades won’t be damaged if the edges come into contact with hidden objects or curbs.

Wolf Wings are just one accessory available for the Ultra-Series snow plows from Snow Wolf.  We’ve had lots of customers try the Wolf Wings and they seem to really like them.  It’s not hard to guess why – who wouldn’t want to clear snow faster and more efficiently?

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