Illinois Approves 45 Billion Infrastructure Plan: Martin Implement Will Get You Fully Equipped

LOTS of road construction, and building, ahead in Illinois & Chicagoland!

We know that most of our customers benefit, directly or indirectly, whenever building gets booming. Roads, buildings, bridges, airports…all good. But that also means brush-cutting, turf, trees, mulch, and planting (and cutting!) the grass.  Whether you’re clearing the way, building the frame, or planting the grass…all of this growth is GOOD.  

So of course, it was a little bit like Christmas in June for our customers when Illinois’ new Governor signed the 45 Billion infrastructure plan into law last week.  As Chicago Construction News pointed out, this was the state’s first Capital Bill in ten years, so this one’s been a long time coming.   Chicago Construction also provided this further breakdown on the projects for which these funds have been earmarked:

  • $28.6 billion on transportation;
  • $5.9 billion on education facilities at both higher education and K-12;
  • $4.4 billion in deferred maintenance at state facilities;
  • $1 billion in environment and conservation projects;
  • $711 million in economic and community development;
  • $440 million on healthcare and human services facilities, and
  • $420 million in broadband deployment

There are also several projects in progress in the Chicago area that are already advancing, and they’ve also been given some serious momentum from the signing of this bill: 

As the links will indicate, some of these projects won’t be breaking ground next week — but you don’t have to have your ear to the ground to realize that YES, the earth will be moving here in Illinois, and especially in the City That Works.

When it comes to the ingenuity, hustle, and beautiful work of our clients, here at Martin Implement, we’re in what they used to call the “cat-bird seat.”  Which is to say, that we know better than anyone, what our customers can do. Because hey…we’ve seen you do it, time and time again.

With budgets for construction and development ramping up fast, we know you’ll want to be aggressive, and do everything you can to grow and benefit from this welcome turn of events. 

So this is absolutely the time for Martin Implement to do everything we can to help you grow, and to show you our sincere appreciation and belief in your capabilities, both as crafts- and trades-people, and as business men and women.  We’ve built our business expressly for times like these: when the right equipment and the right terms can help our family of talented clients compete and win a LOT more business.  

We’re here to help you grow, any way we can. Some of you who always read these posts all the way through (thanks!) know by now that we usually close by inviting you to get in touch with us. We’ll do that again today and invite you to call or visit and talk to us about your plans for the coming year and beyond.  Come down and have a cup of coffee — because now’s the time to think (and plan) for growth. 

We’ve been lucky enough to grow our business because of our great clients — people who’ve led the way out there on the front lines: making bids, getting deals, and consistently doing great work to keep customers coming back.  We’re here to keep that growth and momentum moving. 

Now’s the time. We’re ready…and we’re here to help you be ready too.  

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