Product Spotlight: Hyundai HR30T-9 Compaction Roller

You’ll finish faster with the HR30T-9!

The Hyundai HR30T-9 Tandem Drum Roller really brings the heavy pressure! Designed for applications ranging from construction of medium-sized roads, to asphalt repair work, soilwork, and gardening & landscaping, this machine delivers an average linear drum load of 12kg/cm. With the pressure coming from two rollers at a 49.2 in drum width, you’ll be making fewer passes, and getting more work done in much less time.  With a 13.2 gallon fuel capacity feeding a highly efficient 31hp Deutz engine, and 55.5 gallons of sprinkler capacity, the HR30T-9 is ready for the long run(s)!

The HR30T-9 has the biggest drum in its weight class, assuring smooth and even compaction. It’s equipped with a 4-stage hydrostatic drive for optimal traction and control — even when the terrain is demanding. For safety, and for enduring, reliable performance, the machine’s ECO Mode Vibration Drive enables operators to reduce the rotational speed of the engine to the ideal torque, while the pump for the hydrostatic drive of the vibration unit automatically establishes the required rotational speed for the exciter shaft.

The height of the machine, all the way up to the “top of ROPS” is nearly nine feet, so operators have a commanding view. The compact dimensions of the machine itself enhances visibility, and also allows for operation on fairly small / narrow construction sites. The operator’s seat is also laterally adjustable, offering the best view on either side of the roller when compacting against an edge. The steering wheel can be height and angle adjusted, and noise is kept to a minimum with precision engineered, noise-reducing engine bearings. 

For such a sophisticated machine, maintenance is kept as simple as possible. Quick access to replace or service the battery, air filters, and a large and convenient engine-hood opening provides plenty of daylight and elbow room to all accessible engine compartment components. Finally, the machine’s pendulum joint (where the rear and front assemblies connect) requires little maintenance, as it has a Teflon bearing seat. This kind of thoughtful engineering makes these Hyundais a joy to own, and a cinch for routine service.  

Let us know if you’re in the market for a compaction roller, and we’ll help you get the Hyundai that’s right for your fleet and your application. We have these machines available for sale or rent, so drop by or give us a ring at any Martin Implement location, and roll out with a winner!

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