New Service: Hose Repair While You Wait!

Parkrimp hose repair: now IN-HOUSE at Martin Implement!

Nothing pokes a hole in an otherwise productive day like a leaky hydraulic hose. And whatever miracles the stuff might perform throughout the rest of the universe, you know Duct Tape just isn’t going to cut it.  (Hey, leave that stuff for the family car!) …Of course, we kid, BUT: for the machines you use to run your business and serve your customers, there’s just no substitute for a full-length crimp, total-pro hose repair.  At Martin Implement, we’re happy to let you know, we’re now doing those repairs in-house. 

We’ve recently procured a state of the art, Parkrimp hose repair machine. This beauty enables us to restore almost any hose to like-new look and capability.  Most repairs can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less. So if your skid steer, wheel loader, or excavator needs a perfectly crimped new hose, bring it on in to Martin Implement — and scan our magazine table! — while your hose is remade to perfection.

Note that there are a few specialty hoses we’ll still need to send out, but the Parkrimp will very likely be the answer for your leaky hose. (If you have a unique hose, just call us and we’ll let you know if we can handle it.) 

The Parkrimp uses a color-coded die- and hose-matching system that ensures a perfect fit every time. Your hose gets a smooth, even 360°crimp that will have your machine back in business with a repair that will last, and look sharp in the process. 

Since the Parkrimp was unboxed, our mechanics have redone just about every stray hose in the shop — so now it’s your turn to see what the Parkrimp can do for your machines.  Save that Duct tape for the coffee machine and the garage door.  Call us, or come on in and get your leaky hydraulic hoses back in tip-top shape, QUICK.

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