Hot Weather Lawn Care Tips

Now that it’s warming up around here it’s a good time to brush up on summertime lawn care tips.

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The first problem that comes to mind with lawns is drought.  Grass doesn’t stand a chance if it doesn’t get the water it needs, and if Mother Nature isn’t giving her fair share, additional watering will be needed.  How much water will vary depending on soil condition and the type of grass you have (there are websites that will tell you what type of grass grows in your area, including this one from Scott’s that searches by zip code).  What time of day you water can also affect your lawn’s health and watering in the morning can help fight evaporation and also avoid the problem of hot and humid nights where excessive moisture can lead to disease.

With all that talk about watering, don’t forget that over-watering can be just as harmful as drought.  Too much water will inhibit the grass’ ability to establish firm, deep roots.  Good drainage and a proper watering schedule should help you avoid this problem.

Paying attention to your lawn should keep you in the green this summer.  Notice warning signs early enough and adjust your watering accordingly.  For more information check out these websites:

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