Honda Generators: Power When You Need it, Where You Need it

Assortment of EU and EB GeneratorsMother Nature has been giving us a summer to remember (or for some, to forget…).  The record highs punctuated by brief (but powerful) storms has upped the need for portable generators all over the country.  Air-conditioners are working overtime and electric companies have been fighting power-outages in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs all summer-long.  At times a generator might seem like a luxury item, but if and when the power goes out, it becomes an absolutely necessity.

Honda makes some of the BEST generators on the market.  Known for starting on the first try (can’t beat those Honda engines!) and appreciated by anyone standing near it for how quiet they run, Honda combines the best and most important features to make an unbeatable product.

You might be wondering, “How do I choose a generator?”, or “What features should I look for when buying one?”.  Well, Honda makes a few different lines of generators to cater to the needs of anyone and everyone – from the weekend tailgater up to the everyday contractor.  Let’s look at some of the lines and their primary features:

Super Quiet Series  These are the smallest, most portable generators Honda makes.  They range from 1,000 to 6,500 watts and offer convenience and portability in a low-volume, totally enclosed body.  Perfect for recreational use and also for backing up home appliances.

Deluxe Series  These generators are a higher end line that work well for home backup and outdoor events where greater power is needed.  This group ranges from 4000 to 6,500 watts and will let you sleep soundly knowing you’ll have power if a storm comes through your part of town.

Industrial  Honda’s industrial generators are the top of the line and are the top-rated brand among construction and industrial users.  They range from 3,000 to 6,500 watts and are strong enough to power whatever you plug in to it.

Economy  Honda also offers an economy line that offer Honda power with no add-ons.  These range from 2,500 watts to 6,500 watts and, depending on your application, might be the best bet for your money.

Honda makes some of the most trusted and well-liked generators on the market.  It’s so rare that you hear anyone complain about a Honda generator – it just doesn’t happen.  If you want piece of mind this summer, or if you just want to add a little flair to your tailgating set-up, Honda’s the right choice.  We carry the generators at all three of our Chicagoland locations so give us a call or stop by and we’ll get you the generator that fits your needs.

One thought on “Honda Generators: Power When You Need it, Where You Need it

  1. The Honda generators hold their stated power (ex 3000 watts) for 30 minutes and then
    drop to 2800 watts and will hold this for 24/7. The cheaper competition has no guarantee
    of holding their stated power—it’s the old “you get what you pay for”!!!!! Did I mention they
    always start!!! Honda’s are top notch!!

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