High Capacity Snow Buckets

Skid steer loader with New Holland 96 inch snow bucketWhat’s your favorite way to move snow? Are you a fan of blades? Pushers? Just a plain old loader bucket? How many of you have tried out a high-capacity snow bucket? We’ve got 96 inch and 108 inch heavy-duty snow buckets that are ready for action on a large skid steer or compact wheel loader! We’re talking about a 2.36 cubic yard heaped capacity bucket that fits onto almost any standard skid steer mounting plate: 2.67 cubic yards heaped capacity for the 108 inch bucket. Add these to your snow fleet and you’re in business! Just look at the difference between a hi-cap bucket and a standard loader bucket:

Which one is going to save you time and money when a 3 am snow hits?

What else can we say? A picture’s worth 1000 words! We’ve got these things stocked at Martin Implement, but don’t wait – snow equipment is moving fast these days!

Note: These buckets don’t include the bolt-on cutting edge pictured

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