Mow Down More Mower Deals — at Martin Implement!

Scag’s sexy stand-on beast: the V-Ride. 

The grass is getting greener every day — and there’s still time, through to cut yourself in on really great financing deals on machines from our friends at Kubota and Scag. No matter what size or type of mower you need, we’re going to have what you’re looking for.  And if you’ve been looking to step up to a bigger mower (or sit down on one) now’s definitely the time to spring into action. 

This is a big event that offers ZERO down payment, and 0% financing for 48 months (that’s four springs, if we’re counting right). It applies on select zero-turn mowers like the Z400, ZD1500, and ZG (gas powered) mowers.  If that sounds really good but you had your heart set on a Z700, well, this is your month, because you can get the Z700 for 0% interest for 60 months. (Right: That’s FIVE springs.)  We also have great deals if you want to step up to a great new Kubota Stand-On commercial mower.  These are real beauties, and we know some of our big Kubota fans will want to be the first to put them through their paces.

If you’re a commercial landscaper, or a member of NALP or NHLA, definitely take a look at the Kubota Fleet Program. When you purchase Kubota turf equipment, you’re eligible for a fleet discount: and when you buy additional equipment, you can receive even bigger discounts, and a longer period to buy more units at the same fleet price. This financing offer ends 6/30/2019. So don’t let the grass grow under your fleet!

Yep, sounds like your cranky old neighbor when you used to mow lawns for summer bucks — but this time YOU win SCAG’s Mow Now Pay Later promo applies on the purchase of any new SCAG mower. That includes zero-turn riders like our Turf Tiger II. It also includes Patriot, Tiger Cat II, Cheetah, Freedom Z, Liberty Z as well as walk-behinds and their V-Ride II stand-on mower. Pay no interest until September 1, 2019. (You’ll have no payments until October 1, 2019 — after that: 0% for 12 months).

Other promo payment options and longer terms, such as 0% for 48 Months are available, just let us know what you need!

Important note: This great financing offer ends on July 31st, 2019. Definitlely shake a leg and mow it on over!

Get an extra year of warranty coverage on Honda push mowers (not that you’ll need it – c’mon it’s a Honda!). That’s up to 6 years of coverage based on the model (check out the details here). This offer is only available for non-commercial use so this one’s for all the weekend warriors out there in need of a new mower. This offer runs from Apr 18th, 2019 thru July 17th, 2019.

For more info on all the great Scag models that we carry, head over to the Scag Mowers page on the Martin Implement website.  You can find our Kubota Mowers here, and Honda mowers are here.

And you can always find expert advice: on machines, financing deals…even on getting back-pay from your cranky old neighbors, from your friends here at Martin Implement. Give us a call soon if you want to take advantage of these mower deals before they expire. We can almost hear the grass growing out there…so don’t wait!

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