Grasshopper Gets Top Score in Zero-Turn Mower Comparison

Grasshopper mowers – worth every penny.

In their latest issue, Mother Earth News put a series of riding mowers to the test by having 14 different operators try out 27 different mower models (read the full article here).  It sounds like an exhausting day, but thanks to their hard work we get a great zero-turn mower comparison.

We’ll cut right to the chase here since we like the results so much: Grasshopper and Kubota mowers fared extremely well in the polls with Grasshopper taking the top two spots and Kubota tying for third.  Interestingly enough, as the article points out, satisfaction and price go nearly hand in hand – so you get what you pay for.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go looking for a deal, but you need to keep in mind that if you’re on your mower most of the day you’re not going to be happy with a cheap and uncomfortable rider.

The Grasshopper units they tested are the 725DT, which is a common diesel model that our customers love, and the 329B, a gas-powered mid-mount mower.  Both machines come with the option of 52, 61 and 72 inch decks and the 725DT has a front mounted deck that makes it easy to get under fences, picnic tables or trees.

ZP330 with LPG Propane Engine

The Kubota ZP330 scored well plus has the added green benefit

Interestingly enough, the Kubota model they tested was the propane-powered ZP330, which we got our first look at last year.  It scored well across the board and the added incentive of fuel savings makes the mower an enticing purchase for a lot of buyers.

We always enjoy reading these mower comparisons because it’s great to know what the folks buying them think. We enjoy them even more when our mowers score so well!

For the complete mower comparison chart, which includes 27 models from 14 manufacturers, click here.

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