Grapple Buckets for Skid Steer & Track Loaders

New Holland C190 Track Loader with Brush Grapple attachment

The brush grapple attachment lets you tame unmanageable brush piles © CNH Media Collective

You’ve got a pile of branches and debris and a deadline to meet.  Are you hauling it by hand or with a loader? Even if you’re using a skid steer or track loader you might not be maximizing productivity.  If you’re using a standard bucket that means you’re taking smaller loads and you’re probably losing some debris in transportation.  The brush grapple bucket is designed to combat all of these problems, and we’ve got them for sale and for rent.

A grapple bucket is a simple design – it’s a bucket with two clamps that are operated hydraulically from the cab. We carry two different types of grapples, for brush and for scrap. The difference between the two is that a scrap has a solid bottom like a standard bucket, but a brush grapple has slots that let it handle the ragged edges of a brush pile.

New Holland C238 track loader with brush grapple attachment

Integrated Lakes Management uses their C238 and brush grapple on a project Photo courtesy of ILM

We’ve had customers rent brush grapples and find out they like them so much that they end up buying one themselves. It’s a reasonably priced attachment that boosts productivity considerably. Check out the story of one customer, Integrated Lakes Management, who is very happy with their New Holland C238 track loader and brush grapple.

We have a large inventory of grapples available, so whether you need a rental or are thinking about buying one, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll be glad to help you get the right piece of equipment!

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