Get the Edge: Poly vs. Steel Cutting Edges

Poly cutting edge: can be used on almost any snow plow in the market.

Steel or poly edge: which one you got? They each have advantages, but when the cards are down it’s hard to argue against a poly edge. We want you to know that we’ve got what some customers call the best cutting edge around. That might sound like a small thing to brag about, but if you’re in the snow plowing biz your cutting edge is where your money meets the road. A little extra cash spent on a cutting edge can go a long way towards a better plowing experience.

Snow plow poly cutting edge

Poly cutting edge: see and hear the difference

Our edges are made from durable recycled plastic that has a feeling close to a Teflon cooking pan, which gives you an idea of how little snow and salt will stick to your blade and how they glide. Poly edges have the advantage of never rusting, they’re non-scarring on pavers and they’re much quieter on the asphalt than a steel edge. If you do a lot of night time plowing in residential areas, you should consider making the switch.

We’ve got plastic cutting edges for blades up to 10 feet long at 1-1/4 inch thickness. Come by and see the difference – we’ll be glad to help you out.  Call us or stop into any of our three locations.

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