Get a Grip: WolfPaw Snow Tires from SnowWolf

Snow Wolf Wolf Paws Snow Tires

Hmm…which one do you trust to handle snowy conditions?

When contractors plan their snow strategy, it’s easy to overlook the significance that tire options can play in plowing efficiency and traction. Don’t wait until it’s too late – take the time now to do the research and discover what equipment is right for you. That way you’ll be ready to rock when snow hits.  In order to help you in your decision-making, we’ll be highlighting some key snow equipment and answering any questions you might have on them. Today, let’s talk about snow tires.  Specifically, SnowWolf brand WolfPaws.

What are snow tires?  Snow tires are a narrower alternative to regular tires that provide better traction in winter conditions. If you’re plowing streets or parking lots (going back and forth and back and forth) traction becomes crucial to productivity and, thus, profitability.

How do snow tires work?  It’s simple science, really. The narrower tire has a smaller surface area in contact with the ground so your weight is distributed in a more concentrated manner, resulting in greater ground pressure.  Our SnowWolf brand tires have nearly double the ground pressure of normal skid steer tires.  They also have a tread specifically designed for snow, increasing your traction even more!

How much do snow tires actually help? Not convinced yet? SnowWolf snow tires will double the traction of a machine equipped with regular tires.  Think about that again – doubled!  How can you NOT afford to give them a try?  Another added benefit is that you can extend the life of your more expensive, regular-duty tires by storing them all Winter.  That’s a whole season of wear-and-tear you can avoid by using the more productive WolfPaws!

Will snow tires fit my current machine?  The answer is almost certainly, YES!  SnowWolf makes WolfPaws to fit almost any machine.  If you’re running a recent model of any of the major brands (including New Holland) there’s most likely a WolfPaw for you!

So where can I get snow tires?  Martin Implement!  We’re your snow experts so give us a call or stop in to one of our three Chicagoland locations to check out why you should get a grip this winter with WolfPaw snow tires!  We RENT WolfPaws as well!

Have any more questions on snow tires or want to us to cover a different topic?  Leave a comment below or “Suggest a Topic”.  We want to hear from you!

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