Rental Special: FREE Day of Rental on a Toro Dingo!

DINGO MAS! Get one free day when you rent a Toro Dingo at Martin.

Pretty soon now, we’ll be reminding ourselves for the millionth time that it’s SPRING forward, and FALL back. Yep, we’re going to lose that hour we stole last fall, but here at Martin Implement, we’re going to help you make up for it by giving you a whole day.  The ground’s going to unfreeze, things will start turning green, and pretty soon you’ll be fielding more work than you can shake a stick at…which is why it’s the perfect time for a free day of rental on any Toro Dingo compact utility  loader. This deal runs from March, 2020 through the end of April. 

Yep, you heard us right: you rent for a day — and you get another day, free. 

We call that a bargain…

We’re on record for being unabashed fans of this series of machines.  In our rental fleet, we have the full range: the TX427, TX525, TX1000 or TXL 2000. The TX427 is a gas-powered unit that comes equipped with narrow rubber tracks and a 27 hp Kohler engine. The TX525, has a 25 hp Kubota diesel, and it comes with your choice of narrow or wide rubber tracks. The TX1000 also comes with either narrow or wide rubber tracks, and has a built-in ride-on platform, with powerful loader arms that can do vertical lifts with a 1000 lb. operating capacity. The vertical path of the TX 1000’s arms, allows for more efficient applications, such as augering, or even a little springtime concrete breaking!  You can check out the reach and ease of operation in this video we made about the Top 6 Reasons People Love The TX1000

The newest Dingo, the TXL 2000, has the wider rubber tracks, built-in ride-on platform, and a telescoping arm design option boasting a 2000 lb. operating capacity. It also has the steep vertical lift of the TX1000.

It’s gonna be damp out there, so you’ll be glad to know these machines distribute weight beautifully, so you can go as easy as possible on the worksite terrain. For the TX1000 (for example) the narrow track model applies 5.6 psi, and the wider, 41” wide track offers up only 3.6 psi! Hey, with one whole day of extra use, you can take it a little slower and leave the lightest footprint possible.  Or, you know…dig right in.  But it’s great to know you can tread lightly if you need too!

The beautiful Toro-red color of these machines reminds us of a Swiss Army Knife. And while the Dingo doesn’t come with a cork screw or manicure scissors, it has almost everything else: trenchers, soil cultivators, even backhoes. Let us know what jobs you have going, and we’ll get you set up with the right Dingo, the right accessories — and one FREE day to get all the work done! Give us a call at any of our Martin Implement locations and we’ll get you set up.  

Lose an hour…but gain a day, with Martin Implement!

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