Rent It: Tree Care Go-To Equipment from Martin Implement

Landscape Contractors! Arborists! Municipalities! Take a look at three of the go-to tree care equipment options in our rental fleet.

Click here to view it on a Kubota SVL95-2s high flow compact track loader clearing lots for new construction!

Fecon Bull Hog forestry mulchers rule their class when it comes to brush clearing. These mulchers can cut brush, stumps, and trees up to 8 inches in diameter (cutting them down to ground level) when hooked up to a high flow skid steer. Our 74-inch mulcher has a max flow of 45 gallons per minute and a mouth full of double carbide teeth that have no trouble getting through most wood material. The Bull Hog requires more hydraulic power than most attachments, so we hook it up to a compact track loader with enhanced high flow hydraulics. You can rent a compact track loader and mulcher package from any of our Chicagoland locations.

At 34 inches wide the STX-38 will fit through a three-foot gate; click here to view it in action

Toro dedicated STX stump grinders make quick work of  stumps. They’re versatile because of their size and width. Their track design is ideal for going over curbs and other objects, and you can access stumps in soft, wet ground conditions. The Intelli-Sweep cutter head automatically slows the cutter head sweep in relation to work load to help prevent engine bogging. They feature an easy to use Dingo TX-style control system. The STX-26 has a 26 hp Kawasaki gas engine, 19″ diameter cutting wheel, rubber tracks and a 1,248 lb. operating weight. The larger  STX-38 has a 38 hp Kohler gas engine, 22.25″ diameter cutting wheel, rubber tracks and a 1,750 lb. operating weight. You can rent either stump grinder from any of our Chicagoland locations.

The chipper is set up with pintle hitch for easy transport

Tackle branches and wood waste with our brush chipper. Integral to our rental fleet, the Vermeer BC1500 brush chipper model is powered by a 125 hp diesel engine, allowing it to run through material up to 15 inches in diameter! The large 45-gallon fuel tank lets you keep going longer between fill-ups (always a plus) and the SmartFeed delivery system, which monitors engine RPM and senses jams as they occur, automatically stops or reverses the rollers, keeping you and your equipment running smoothly. The 30-inch feed table and the bottom feed stop bar system gives the operator increased control and safety near the feed entrance. You can rent a BC1500 brush chipper from any of our Chicagoland locations.

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