Now’s Your Chance: Become a “FINNsider”!

Since we have so many FINN-ATICS among our customers, we wanted to let you all know that the fine folks at Finn have found a way for you to get the first-word on all their news, DIRECTLY from Finn HQ in beautiful Fairfield, Ohio.  

Click here and sign up to become a FINNsider — here’s what you’ll get:

  • The latest scoop about new FINN products and industry innovations
  • Access to tools, articles, and webinars showing how FINN can help grow your business
  • Exclusive access to FINNsider promotions
  • FINNsider alerts — bringing you FINN news and events as they happen


Always innovating, FINN invented the first HydroSeeder back in 1953. This year, they’ve promised to completely reinvent the category, and they have similar surprises in store for Bark Blowers and Straw Blowers too. We can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up!


No doubt about it, these machines can be fun to operate, they’re also MAJOR labor-saving devices, able to reduce workforce utilization by as much as 7 to 1, for a huge variety of material distribution tasks: Seeding; Fertilization; Erosion & Mud Control, Mulching; Ground Cover. These machines can also help with Watering, Street-Cleaning and more… 


At Martin, we proudly rent, sell and service FINN: Material & Bark Blowers, HydroSeeders, and Straw Blowers — and we also carry the full line of Finn Mulches and Additives.  We love the these machines so much, our YouTube site has a FINN Playlist with 14 videos at last count. We’re guessing there will be more before this year is over!

As always, give us a call here at Martin if we can answer any questions about these machines and their time and money saving uses for your business!

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