Feeling Used? These SnowWolf Solutions are Made to Withstand the Wear

Looking for a deal on heavy duty snow removal equipment that will withstand the wear and tear out there? You should check out our selection of used SnowWolf equipment. If buying new isn’t important to you, then these units can be a smart buy. Take a look at some of what we’ve got in stock (click each unit for pricing and extra photos):

Snow Equipment & Attachments

Snow Wolf Pro-6 Snow Blade6 foot Pro snow blade
The Pro series blades are designed for small and mid-sized skid steer loaders and tractors. They come with 35-degree angling and full trip design. We have a few of these in stock that have never been used!



Ultra-96 8 foot snow blade
SnowWolf’s Ultra-Series blades come in sizes ranging from six feet up to ten with 35-degree hydraulic angling and a 9 inch trip edge that helps prevent false trips. The six inches of oscillation allow you to run smoothly over the contours of your surface. This one is an 8 foot blade. See the Ultra series in action.


Fast Tach 50025 Snow Pusher Attachment
The Fast Tach allows you to transform your snow blade into a snow pusher in a matter of seconds. It’s a very simple design that can save you a lot of time in the field. The Fast Tach Pusher Attachment transforms SnowWolf Ultra 96, 108 & 120 blades. See the pusher in action.


2014-12-10 03.28.09_Cropped_36827WolfPaw Tires
WolfPaws can double your traction by pin-pointing your down pressure. We’ve sold many of these this season and last, and we send our winter rental skid steer loaders out with them. If you try them, you won’t go back – seriously.  We’ve got a few sets of the 100 model for sale. See WolfPaws in action.


2014-12-10 03.30.58_CroppedWolfWing Trip Edge Kit
Customize your Ultra blade to your specific use with the WolfWing Trip Edge Kit. Wolf Wing side plates attach to the ends of your Ultra snow plow and increase the amount of snow you can keep in front of your machine. Wolf Wings are available with spring trip edges.


Feeling like you’re into used equipment? Check out the rest of our used snow equipment

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