Here’s our advice to you, Ed Martin; Take some time to enjoy your retirement!

When you grow up in a farm family with ten siblings, you learn rather quickly how to become highly resourceful. Whether that means putting in sweat equity out in the fields or competing for your fair share at the dinner table. If the farm tractor breaks down, you get a quick course in Mechanics 101. So when Ed Martin first stepped foot into Martin Implement some 40 years ago, a year removed from high school, his learning curve towards becoming a seasoned equipment mechanic was more truncated than most peers his age.

Being a quick study eventually allowed Ed to venture out for a number of years to operate his own equipment repair business. When an opportunity arose for Ed to return to Martin Implement as part of service management, he jumped on board and has since served in that capacity for over twenty years. Come July 7th, Ed has chosen to join his wife Bonnie in retirement so that they can travel the country a bit and enjoy more time with their two grown children.

His extended family here at Martin Implement will miss Ed’s presence; his even handedness with staff and customers, his vast equipment knowledge, and of course that resourcefulness. We know that Ed’s not the idling type, so we can look forward to catching up on his recent activities when he comes back to pay us a visit from time to time. Thanks, Ed, for being of service all these years to our service department. Take a break from dispensing advice for a change and be sure to follow our suggestion to take plenty of time for yourself and family!

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