Fall Lawn Care Tips: Aerating, Seeding and Top Dressing

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It might sound crazy to be thinking about cold weather in early August, but getting your fall lawn care planned out now means you can sit back and relax when the leaves turn and football is on the TV. You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to aerating and re-seeding your lawn, so we thought we’d try and help you decide which is best for you.

Late August and early September are the best times of the year to aerate and re-seed your lawn because the temperature is just right and the moisture level is perfect for seed germination.  If you do a little prep now, your grass is going to thank you later by coming back green and healthy next spring.

There are three common things that you can do to get your lawn in top shape right now: aeration, overseeding and top-dressing.  Each method  has its own benefits and when they’re combined the results are top-notch.


Aeration, which we’ve covered in-depth before, gives your lawn room to breath.  By removing plugs of soil you’re giving grass roots greater exposure to oxygen and moisture.  This is a very simple step to ensure a healthy lawn stays healthy.  You can use a walk-behind aerator, or you can go the best route and use a stand-on unit like our Toro 30 inch stander [see it in action HERE].


Overseeding is simply planting seed on existing turf in order to repair damaged areas or supplement old seed.  Some people also overseed when they want to introduce a new type of grass seed into their lawn.  Slit seeding is a very effective way to re-seed your lawn, and we rent slit seeders by the day week or month.  For larger properties, 3-point hitch seeders are a great investment.

Top Dressing

Millcreek 3200 top dresser 3-point hitch tractor attachment

Renting a top dresser is a great way to save time and effort. We rent at daily, weekly and monthly rates

Top dressing is a unique way of boosting your lawn that has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  It’s labor intensive when done by hand, but that’s why renting a top dresser can be a great idea.  What many people like about it is that it’s organic since landscapers often use compost as the spreading material.  This is a great way to eliminate weeds and fill in lawn divots while adding nutrients to your grass.

Any more questions?  Lawn care can seem a bit complicated sometimes, but if you take a few simple steps it’ll go a long ways towards a healthy green lawn.  There are a lot of great resources online for lawn care tips, but if you want to talk to any of our knowledgeable sales or rental staff please give us a call!  We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

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