Erosion Control Breakdown: Hydroseeding vs. Straw Blankets

When you’re seeding on a slope it takes skill and knowledge to make sure you’re getting the best coverage possible.  If you’ve done it before, you know you’ve got options when it comes to seed type and application method.  Here in Illinois we see a lot of straw blankets, and while they get the job done in some cases, they definitely lack the complete coverage you can get with other methods.  Hydroseeding is a far more effective way to seed and our experience with FINN products has us convinced that their hydroseeders deliver higher quality material more effectively with less man power.  Read that sentence again, and now let’s break that down:

Higher quality material:  Hydroseeding is better than blankets because its seed mix (also known as “slurry”) contains additives that help the seed grow quickly over the germination process while protecting it from tough external conditions.  Steep slope?  Fiber mulch and tackifiers help secure the seed mix to the ground.  Seeding in a dry spell?  Hydroseed mix can hold up to 10 times its weight in water!  The water is then slowly released to keep the seed moist over time.  These are just two ways hydroseed mix delivers a higher quality seed.

More effectively:  Not only can the hydroseeder cover far more area than a crew installing blankets by hand, but it does it more uniformly with a slurry that’s created to meet the demands of the terrain.  Straw blankets are inefficient on uneven ground, where the only point of contact might be where its stapled into the ground.  Hydroseed mix, on the other hand, covers any contour Mother Nature might throw your way.

Less man power:  This one is pretty simple.  Hydroseeding can be done with a crew of two or three guys, while a hand-installation crew would need double that.  Less labor costs mean a lower bottom line.

It all seems pretty simple now, right?  It’s clear that the initial investment in a hydroseeder (and there are different sizes to suit your crew’s need) pays itself back in no time once you factor in labor costs and the less time spent on a given job.  We rent and sell a wide range of FINN products, including mulch and hydroseed mix, so contact us at any of our three Chicagoland locations for more information.  We’ll be happy to get you on the right track for erosion control success!

To see a video of a FINN T75 hydroseeder in action, check out our YouTube demo!

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  1. It makes sense that hydroseeding or hydromulching would have materials that would help the seeds to grow. Plants are some of the best kinds of erosion control on the planet so by helping them grow well they’ll take care of the problems for you.This really does seem much easier than just laying down some straw and hoping that helps.

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