Product Spotlight: Engcon Tiltrotator

The ENGCON TILTROTATOR: such a supple wrist!

The Engcon Tiltrotator is one of those innovative products that comes along every now and then and makes us all wonder how we got along before it came along. It also makes us wish we invented it! We featured the EC 204 model of this new tool at the iLandscape show and coupled it with a Hyundai R35 mini-excavator, and it was a smash-hit with our earth-moving and grade-grooming friends. 

Once placed on the end of your dipper stick (or attached to your hydraulic quick coupler) the Tiltrotator offers incredible flexibility for positioning tools, enabling more work to be done without moving your excavator to get a better angle. With the combination of tilt and rotation, you can often work around or under pipes and other structural obstacles.  BIG SAVINGS: in work-time, fuel, machine wear (and for some jobs, personnel), make this coupler not only a joy to use, but an inventive new source of work-site efficiency and improved ROI. 

Image from Engcon’s awesome Tiltrotator YouTube video.

The core capability for the Engcon Tiltrotator is exactly what the name suggests: you can tilt or rotate the tool to create the exact digging (or working) angle you want, WITHOUT having to move your machine. ROTATION is a full 360°, and TILT angles your tool plus or minus 45°. It’s like having a mechanical wrist at the end of your dipper stick. This is the kind of innovation that will allow you to change the way you dig — and change how you might approach (or equip) for a job — and of course that’s the beauty of it. 

The Tiltrotator fits a wide range of excavators: from 1.5 to 33 metric tons. And it works with a tremendous variety of tools as well: buckets, grapples, compactors, pallet forks, rippers, sweepers, and grading beams. Check with the experts at Martin Implement to determine if any adapter is necessary to make your existing tools work with the Tiltrotator.  Note that Engcon’s Quick Hydraulic Coupler comes standard, and it will work with or without an EC Oil setup.

We’re still loving the Hyundai R35 and Titlrotator combination. So if you want to see this tool-of-the-future in action, reach out and give us a call, and we’ll let you take it for a spin…tilt…or both!  If you’re still looking for more info, read the rave review in Equipment World… and watch this video of the Engcon paired with a bigger Hyundai excavator…then give us a call.

Dig where you’re at, move your machine less (maybe a lot less), and open up the possibility of turning a two- or three-man job into a one-man, one-Tiltrotator event.  Engcon says this tool will change the world of digging, and we have to say: we agree!

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